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First, check the battery terminals. If there is a lot of corrosion you might just have a poor connection. 2nd, with the engine running, check the battery voltage.

2006-07-14 18:52:06
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Car clicks and clicks and it's hard to start?

Bad battery, starting motor or both.

Why is your '95 Maxima not starting only hear clicks?

If the battery is bad, you may only hear clicks. It could be the starter, but I would check the charge on the battery first.

Why do you have a hard time starting your 2001 suzuki esteem standard transmission car sometimes it clicks and after a few trys it will start?

Possible battery, starter or connections/cables in between

Car sometimes clicks when turn over new stater and battery connections ok?

Starter solenoid? Battery not fully charged?

Mazda 6 clicks several times before starting?

Weak battery or poor connection - battery to starter. Possible bad starter.

Could starter be frozen car not starting rapid clicks when ignition key is turned?

This sounds like your battery.

When go to start my 1998 Plymouth grand voyager it clicks and then it usually start could this be my starter?

Likely that your starting motor needs to be reconditioned/re-built

What if your 95 Toyota Previa won't start sometimes just clicks the battery is new any ideas?

Try changing the starter.

You turn the key and it just clicks?

Dead battery or a bad connection to the battery.

What is wrong when a battery clicks and will not start?

If you are talking about a car engine and battery then it is not the battery that is clicking. It is in all probability the solenoid.

When starting car what if it just clicks?

That means the solenoid IS working, but power is too low to turn the starter. Check and if necessary clean or tighten the battery terminals. If still the same, charge your battery on slow for at least 12 hours, or get another battery.

When starting your Benz 320 ml the starter clicks but will start after a while?

the engine will turn over but sometimes wont start. it also sometimes dies while its idling. whats going on

What if engine just clicks when turn key?

Battery dead

Why won't a car even jump start but the lights dim and lots of clicks?

AnswerDim lights and lots of clicks is an indication of too low a charge on the battery. When jump-starting, allow the battery to be attached to the jumper cables for about 5 minutes before trying to crank the engine. If that fails, check for loose battery cables at the battery, ground, or starter. If all connections are good, then the battery is too far gone and must be replaced. Note: You need to find out why the battery discharged - did you leave the lights on? is the alternator bad?.

Car starts sometimes but sometimes it just clicks usually it will start after about ten tries what could be the problem?

start with checking the battery, next check the solenoid,next check the starter motor.then check ignition switch

Your solenoid sometimes clicks and sometimes there is an humming sound?

Start with having the battery tested. Any auto parts store will check it for you at no charge. Be sure all connections are clean and tight before you start buying parts.

2007 Nissan Altima clicks when trying to start?

dead battery

When you try to start your 97 dodge neon it clicks once it has a brand new battery its a stick shift and starts fine by push starting it?

the relay or the starter motor is stuffed

What is wrong if my car just clicks when I try to start it?

It could be a dead battery.

Why wont my truck start it only clicks?

Check your battery, it might be dead.

Will the starter click if it is good?

solenoids are what clicks, yes it will click if the battery is low.

When trying to start your 1999 dodge intrepid it just clicks?

Battery is dead.

97 explorer clicks but wont start?

You need to charge your battery or get a jump. Replace the battery or have it checked because it is dead.

Car does not start it justs clicks?

Your battery is low. You probably has to replace the battery. Or maybe the starter motor solonoid is faulty

How do you properly reinstall battery if it falls out of laptop?

Slide it back into the battery compartment until it clicks (observing correct polarity !)