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1999 ram 2500 outside temp in overhead console reads erratic temps like 320 for outside temp then drops to 3 what gives?


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2015-07-14 16:04:37
2015-07-14 16:04:37

I have discovered that my Ram 2500 inside temp guage is somehow tangled up with the compass. when I turn in any direction the temp. changes I guess it has to go to the dealer!I am one of the 3 who have this problem.

just press and hold both buttons in like you are resetting the economy! I had the same problem. figured it out on a road trip. same goes to get it back.

Check to see if you are reading the compass. Mine had me going for a while before I figured out that it was reading heading degrees not temperature degrees. The resetting process can change it between the two types of readout.


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