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Century, centipede, centennial, central, centimeter, centerpiece, centerfold. Those are just a few, there are tons more.
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What year did government start making 1 cent coins?

Decimal Currency commenced in Australia on the 14th of February, 1966, the day the 1 cent coin became the basic unit of our currency. The coins were actually minted in 1965 in

What words start with the prefix cent?

Central, cent, centaur, century, center, centrifuge EDIT: . CENT . CENTAI . CENTAL . CENTALS . CENTARE . CENTARES . CENTAS . CENTAUR . CENTAUREA . CENTAUREAS .

What are some words that start with cent?

Some words that start with cent are: cents, century, centaur, center, central, centimetre, centrifuge, centurion, centipede, centenary, centennial, centigram Some homophone

Are pennies worth more than 1 cent?

It depends on a lot of factors. Modern cents are only worth face value, and even wheat cents from the 1940s and 1950s tend to be worth a nickel or so, simply because so many w

Was the penny more than 1 cent?

If you're referring to US coins commonly called pennies, the words have always referred to the same coin. It's a holdover from Colonial times when the US used British coins. B
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What is a list of words that start with cent?

· centennial · center · centered · centerfold · centering · centerline · centerpiece · centigrade · centimeter · centipe
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Is a copper penny worth more than 1 cent?

Yes and no. The copper in most common-date US cents (roughly 1944 to mid-1982) is in fact worth about 1.5¢ at current market prices, but (a) it's illegal to melt them fo
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Why are some pennies worth more than 1 cent?

Those minted before 1982 contain 95% copper and are worth over 2 cents each with current copper prices. Then others are valuable because of their age or scarcity.