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My 2001 Mitsu Monty Sport also had the HOLD light come on. What does it mean? I'm afraid to call Mitsu because every visit somehow costs >$1000! Press the button on the dashboard "A/T Mode" changeover switch, which switches the driving mode between Normal and Hold. From the Owner's Manual: "Select the "HOLD" mode when starting your vehicle on a road surface slippery from snow or the like, and the vehicle will start smoothly...other than "L" position, the vehicle starts in second gear." BTW, red brake light is probably the emergency brake light switch, which might just need cleaning or adjustment.

2007-11-06 15:56:50
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Yes, the 2002 Mitsubishi Montero has a MIN20 (flat blade-style, yellow) fuse for the fuel pump.

In your 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport a yellow dashboard light came on the says HOLD What does it mean?

You have it in AT Mode. Push the AT button on your dash and it will turn off.

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