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my abs and brake lite comes on and stays on! other times not at all! what is the deal?

Improved : I have a 2003 Suburban that had this same problem. My sister has a 2000 suburban also with the same issue. The solution I have found is very simple and can be done without a mechanic.

There is a ground wire connected to the top rear of the engine block on the passenger side. You can find it by removing the engine cover and reaching back behind the intake manifold and down. This ground connection is bolted to the engine block and the connection becomes compromised over time by dirt, grease, cleaning products or rust.

You need to unbolt this ground, clean the surfaces and replace. On one other vehicle I just reached back and twisted this connection to get a firmer connection and the problems went away.

It sounds too simple but it works. Try it first before going to the dealer or mechanic.

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Q: 2001 Chevy Tahoe abs brake light coming on regarding fuse?
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you most likely have to change the front hubs with the speed sensors i have tried everything else

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