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it is idling high to warm is dying because the choke is shutting off before it has warmed up

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Why does your 1999 Chevy express 3500 van shuts off when in warms up?

A 1999 Chevy Express 3500 van that shuts off when it warms up can have a bad fuel pump. It can also be caused by the distributor cap getting worn out.

What does the est on a 89 Chevy astro do?

have a 89 Chevy astro van starts good till warms up the start to chock and then stalls

Why does your Chevy Tracker sputter when you get to 3k rpm in either 3rd 4th or 5th gear and when you start the Tracker in the morning it idles badly until it warms up?

Tune up time with fuel and air filters, spark plugs and wires.

What would cause the headlamp to flicker when truck warms up?

Grounding issue, bad wiring, failing bulb.

My 4.3 liter don't smoke when first start an slowly smokes more as it warms up 1994 Chevy?

If you 4.3 liter begins to smoke as it warms up, it might have an oil leak that is causing the smoke. Often, the oil will leak once the engine reaches operating temperature and it thins. or it might be the valve seats going bad because my truck does the same thing and its the valve seats

After your 85 Chevy caprice warms up than cut off and wait about a half hour or so than try to start it it take awhile to turn over it a 350 out of 96 truck and put a carb on it could somebody help yo?

Needs an ignition module

What causes oil light to stay on until truck warms up 2000ford expedition?

the oil pressure in the engine rises when the truck is warming up causing the light to show, if continues after the truck has been running, change oil and oil pump.

What would cause a 96 Chevy truck with the 4.3 liter to die after starting then after it warms a little run but still idle a little rough?

Connect a code scanner and see what the computer has stored. It will tell you exactly what to repair. have you checked your fuel filter? sounds like a carburetor problem

What would cause a 88 Chevy with a 350 to not start when it cold and not idle until it warms up?

Auto-choke is stuck open

Why does the oil pressure in a 90 Chevy Beretta drop to 0 when the engine warms up?

it may be the oil pressure sender located on the engine

What happens when you put to much antifreeze in the over flow bottle of a 2003 Dodge Dakota pickup truck.?

It will get pushed out onto the ground as the engine warms up.

What does it mean when a 1994 Chevy S10 2.2L will start up but when it warms up sputters out and will not start back up again?

cracked heads or block

What would make 92 model 350 Chevy motor die after it warms up?

in my case it was a coolant sensorbut you really need to read the codes

What are the signs if an ignition module going out on a 92 Chevy silverado with a 350ci engine it will crank but not fire but when it fires it runs fine?

after truck warms up will be hard to start,module may even start turning white colored make sure you are getting 12 volts to the module from the ignition also good luck

What could cause an 1989 Chevy Cavalier to die losing fuel intake after it warms up?

the first thing to check is the manifold air temperature sensor

Why won't your Chevy S-10 start after it warms up?

your timing is to far advanced.. retared your timing and it should run like a raped ape

How do you get air out of the radiator in a Chevy Monte Carlo?

Turn on heat, on high till car warms up.let it cool down that may do the job... Check fuild.

What warms the earth to cause evaporation?

The sun warms the earth.

Which warms faster water or land?

The land warms faster

1997 jeep wrangler start up in morning clicking sound until engine warms up for about 2 min what can cause it 2.5 engine?

Valves tapping?

When the engine is cold it stalls at idle?

i have a 2000 dodge work van 318 engine when i start in the morning it stalls several times until it warms up then ok

99 Tahoe and you have a knocking noise that last for about a 2 minutes or until your truck warms up What is this?

Chev has a law suit on their small blocks from piston slap. Take your vehicle to a real DEALER and have them check the recal against your VIN #. This is a big problem for Chevy... the pistons are cam ground (not round) and expand to a circle in the bore as she warms up. The noise I suspect you are hearing is the famous piston slap that these units are getting known for. Go on some Cheby forums and I am sure you will find discussions on this issue. Hope that helps you --

1984 c10 Chevy there is a square hole in the intake next to the carb what goes there?

Bi-metallic choke coil. pulls the choke open as the engine warms up.

93 Chevy silverado starts and runs fine until it warms up then it back fires and stalls when you give it gas?

check the egr vavle or the purge valve

Why does your 92 model Chevy 350 motor die after it warms up?

in my case it was 7 dollars coolant sensor but read the codes could be any sensor failing

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