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As far as the knocking noise in the front goes, I have the same problem and was told that it is the lower control arm bushings. From what I understand, the OEM bushings wear pretty fast which is not uncommon since most cars have busings that are rubber and don't hold up to salt, moisture, etc. The good news is that you can find front control arm bushings pretty easy and they are usally less than $50 for a set. Aftermarket ones should be polyurethane and they'll probably outlast the car and provide a better ride too. Figure 1 1/2 hours on the rack- tops at your local mechanic. The knocking you hear in the rear (yes, I had that problem too) is the Idler arm. The bushings on the Idler arm wear down as well and that noise comes from it banging around when you go over a bump. You have to order the Ider arm, which has the bushings integrated into it already. It's relatively inexpensive - @60 I believe. Figure 45 minutes on the rack at your local mechanic. It also wouldn't hurt to check your spare tire carrier and make sure you have it fully lifted (the tightening nut is inside the liftgate concealed under a plastic cover).

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Q: 2001 Chrysler pt cruiser knocking noise in front and rear tires when going over bumps rear tire knocking noise is worse than front changed shocks struts but there was no change what would cause this?
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How often should you change the oil on your 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

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