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Wrong scanner?? If a check engine light is on, there are codes.

Timing sensor? Check engine usually means a problem... Service means that scheduled service needs to be performed like oil change, or timing belt replacement.

I would Check your Catalytic Converter. What often happens is the catalyst that is in the Catalytic converter Heats up and Blows out into your Muffler.

This means It is not the sensor,but your converter and Muffler Need Replaced.I have just fixed two cars with this problem,and they had the same symptoms,Check engine Light.

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Q: 2001 Pathfinder engine light problem you replaced 2 oxygen sensors then replaced 2 timing sensors the service engine light still on computer shows no code?
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How many oxygen sensors does 2002 Nissan Pathfinder has?

And they are expensive to replace... (i replaced one @ $400)

Where are 2002 pathfinder oxygen sensors?

The 2002 Pathfinder oxygen sensors are critical part of the engine management system. You can find the oxygen sensors in the exhaust system.

Check engine light came on after replacing both front O2 sensors on my '97 pathfinder-how can you get it to shut off?

Reset it with an OBD2 scan tool. If it came on after replacing the sensors you may have another problem. Reset it and see if it comes back on.

What are the part numbers for the rear oxygen sensors on a 97 Nissan Pathfinder?

the part no. are 64,2387,79856

How many oxygen sensors does a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder engine have?

The 2000 Nissan Pathfinder has a total of four oxygen sensors - two before the catalytic converter, and two after the converter. The front sensors have 3-wires, and the rear sensors have 4-wires. For a good quality OE-style sensor, they'll cost around $100 each.

How often should o2 sensors be replaced?

They are replaced when they go bad.

How many oxygen sensor on pathfinder 1999?

4 oxygen sensors (2 front and 2 rear)

91 Chevy 4.3 running rich WHEN WARM UP?

If the oxygen sensors for the 1991 Chevy 4.3 is running rich when it is warmed up it is best to have the sensors replaced. Once the sensors are replaced this should resolve the issue.

What would cause your 98 Durango to just shut down when going down the road I have replaced the pcm o2 sensors fuel pump relays throttle positioning sensor coil electronic pickup?

i had a problem with that on a dodge neon and i did the same things you did to fix the problem but it kept shutting down. Well to make a long story short it tuned out to be the computer( brainbox). replaced it and have not had a problem. This was common to the neon not sure on the durango but mabey something to look into

What does the speed sensor on auto transmission do 1994 pathfinder?

If you mean what is the purpose of the speed sensor on an auto transmission do, then the answer would be it replaces the speedometer cable. Basically it picks up how many revolutions the wheels are making and sends that to the ecu (the computer) and the computer computes how fast you are traveling. All speed sensors do the same job, just some for different purposes. Some cars have speed sensors on all wheels which is used for abs braking, while some (Like this pathfinder) have one used just to tell how fast you are going.

What moves the mouse pointer?

In a ball mouse, the ball, which is moved by contact on a surface, has three directional roll sensors which transfer electrical signals to the computer which then moves the mouse pointer on the screen. In laser and optical mice, the roll sensors are replaced by lasers or infrared sensors, which detect which direction the mouse is moving. This is sent to the computer which moves the mouse pointer. Laser and optical mice are more accurate than ball mice, but don't work on reflective or transparen surfaces such as foil or glass, which is not a problem for ball mice.

What controls the idle on a 1999 ford windstar?

The computer does - there is no way to adjust it. If it is improper something is wrong with one of the sensors - that is the most likely problem.

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