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The car actually measures the viscosity of the oil while you are driving and running the car when you change the oil the light will be reset.


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A 2001 Intrepid does not have an oil change light.

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The light will reset itself when the cause of the code has been repaired.

On your overhead console, hit "Step" until you see the miles to serice. Then you just hold your reset button and it will change to 3000 miles

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You can usually disconnect the battery cable for about 15 seconds and reconnect it to reset the engine light. Check the fuse box for a(red) resert button - to reset the engine light disconnect battery for 15 minutes , the red reset button on fuse panel is for motor oil change reminder reset

2001 doesn't have a reset for the oil, the oil pump might be going out though.

The oil change light in your car is there to remind you to change your oil in a timely manner. if you do not reset your oil change light, it just wont remind you to change your oil. :)

should be a switch in the fuse box that resets it

how to use bcm to reset change oil light

With engine off. Turn key to on. Press accelerator fully three times. This should reset light.

If it it a change oil light it is telling you it is time to change the oil. There should be another light that is the oil pressure light.

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Hold the oil/trip Reset button while ignition is on (not car) for 8 seconds

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The airbag can not be reset and must be replaced if it has deployed.

How do you reset the service light on a 2001 Renault Clio?" and can you take your seat out and take the air bags out and how is it done

There are 3 or 4 bolts on a plastic flap. remove them and there will be access to the fog light housing. twist out the old bulbs an change.

Light can only be reset by the use of diagnostic equipment.

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