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Probably not. Black smoke is more of a sign of too much fuel or not enough air. Check the air filter first; see if there is an air obstruction. If that's not it, next check the injectors to see if there are any that are sticking open. Don't let this problem go any longer. It can cause fuel in the crankcase.

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Q: 2003 4X4 SWB 4 Dr Air in the fuel filter black smoke 30 mph top speed will changing the fuel pump to the tank fix the problem?
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Stopping white smoke?

There are 2 different types of smoke,white or black/purple-ish. White smoke indicates a problem with the water. Black/purple-ish indicates an oil problem. In your case with white smoke check the water and on rare occasions changing the air filter helps too.

Black smoke in a EFI engine?

A bad air filter can cause black smoke or bad fuel injector and maf,tp sensor

How do you repair black smoke from your car silencer?

Replace the air filter

Why does John Deere z445 stall and black smoke comes out?

It sounds like you might have an overfuel problem. Check your air filter for dirt it might be plugged or your choke might be stuck.

What could be the problem if your car gets 7mpg and you replaced fuel filter and the car is blowing black smoke bad?

Your car seems to be getting too much fuel, is it computer controlled?

What to do when the vehicle produces black smoke?

Black smoke is a indication that the air/fuel mixture is overly rich. Seek professional help to solve the problem.

Smoke from car?

The color of the smoke will help identify the problem. Blue smoke is engine or transmission oil. Black smoke, excess fuel. White smoke, engine coolant.

Why is a 1991 ford explorer running rich you smell gas and black exhaust is coming out?

If you have black smoke coming out it would be because you have bad timings, i have a buddy who had that happen to his jeep and we replaced the spark plugs and air filter and fixed the timing and it solved the problem, but wen you blow black smoke its because of bad timing it happens with diesels to.

Why do black smoke comes out from the car's exhaust pipe?

Black smoke means the engine consumes too much gas - possible problem with fuel injection.

Why would you get a lot of black smoke from your Audi A4?

Black smoke means the engine consumes too much gas - possible problem with fuel injection. Is your check engine light on? It could also be a problem with oxygen sensors.

Your car engine has smoke coming from it What is the problem?

Blue smoke, burning oil. (tired) White smoke, burning coolant. (bad head gasket) Black smoke, excess gasoline (flooding).

1993 Camry has no power from 0 to 30 what could be the problem tailpipe exhaust black smoke?

black smoke means your burning oil and the head gasket will go sometime soon

Why is your 2004 6 liter diesel blowing lots of black smoke?

Air filter dirty or bad injector

How to smoke?

You smoke by inhaling from the filter end of a cigarette.

Why does a 2001 dodge Cummins have no smoke?

It is not meant to smoke. It is running properly if there is no black smoke.It is not meant to smoke. It is running properly if there is no black smoke.

What causes a diesel car to emit a lot of black smoke and engine misfire and run poorly?

fuel timing issue which is usually injector pump its getting excess fuel and can't burn it fast enough causing flooding My experience two words. "Air Filter". Take it out and try it without the Air Filter. If that fixes the problem, replace filter.

Dry ice change to smoke?

dry ice changing into smoke

What is causing sierra diesel to smoke when idling?

a dirty air filter or a dirty fuel filter will cause a diesel to smoke

What causes white smoke and problem changing gears in 1997 camaro?

white smoke is oil burning in combustion chamber. sound like this one has been ran very hard and will have many probs.

Why is black smoke and soot coming out of your tailpipe?

running too rich check the air filter could also be defective injectors

How do you turn fuel up on a ford 6.0 powerstroke to make black smoke?

Put a plastic bag over your air filter

Is black smoke a common noun?

Black is an adjective that describes the smoke. Smoke is a common noun.

What does it mean when my lawnmower starts and then dies?

Most common problem is a dirty/clogged fuel filter restricting a good flow of fuel to the engine. Otherwise, the carburetor needs adjustment. Or, if the engine is blowing black smoke before it dies, check the spark plug and the air filter, or a too rich mixture from the carburetor.

What can cause smoke from a cylinder KA24DE motor..Cylinder 2?

If the smoke is white, then there is coolant getting into the cylinder. Blue smoke is from burning oil, and black smoke is from an improper fuel air mix (stopped up air filter or choke stuck stuck.)

What causing Black smoke when running lawnmower?

The engine is burning rich. Clean or replace the spark plug and air filter. If you still get black smoke, close (rotate clockwise) the carburetor needle valve 1/8 turn for a leaner mixture.