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keep the tire ride height the same.

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What would cause the speedometer to be off on a 96 Chevy S-10?

Different size tires and wheels. The factory size tires and wheels are calibrated with the speedometer. If a different sized tires or wheels are put on the vehicle, the speed can be off.

Can I swap p245 tires from a p235 on a 2003 ford explorer?

Yes, but your speedometer will no longer be accurate.Sure, as long as you change all 4.

Will P215 60R 16 tires replace P225 60R 16 tires on a 2001 grand prix?

You may use that size, yet however the accuracy of your speedometer will be less accurate (if used on front wheels).

An automobile speedometer is configured to read speed proportional to the rotational speed of its wheels If larger wheels such as snow tires are used will the speedometer reading be high low or no dif?

Larger tires will make the speedo lower than actual speed.

Will wheels from a 1995 Honda Accord V6 fit a 1994 Honda Accord 4 cylinder?

Yes, they will fit. Be aware that if the wheels are not the same diameter your speedometer will be off unless you change tires to compensate.

Does having 2 sizes of tires affect your speedometer?

Different heights of tire will change the speedometer reading.

Can you replace P185 65R15 tires with P195 60R15 tires in a 2007 Prius?

Should not be a problem. Tires have an almost identical height so speedometer will remain accurate.

What size of wheels go on your 1966 Pontiac catalina?

If by wheels you mean the steel rims, most Catalinas were equipped with 14 inch wheels. You can increase the size of the wheels, but that requires buying different tires. Often times changing the wheels and tires from stock will require calibrating the speedometer. A larger tire spins fewer times per mile which causes the speedometer to indicate a slower speed. A change from 14 to 15 inch wheels won't make a huge difference in speedometer error (8%) unless you are driving at a very high rate of speed. As speed increases, error increases. Mounting wheels above 15 inches runs the risk of a speeding ticket unless you have a GPS unit that can be used as a fallback speedometer.

How do you recalibrate speedometer and odometer on 1995 Chevy 1500 z71 with 35 inch tires and lift kit?

Jet Accu Speed Speedometer calibrator. It adjusts your speedometer for bigger tires or gear change. Only works on automatic transmissions.

Can replace 225 60 R16 tires with 215 55 R17 tires?

Not without changing the wheels also. If you also change the wheels to 17 inch wheels then that is an acceptable swap.

Can 20 inch factory wheels be used on F150 with 18 inch wheels?

Yes, they can be used? To keep it simple, have the people who install your tires match the height of your existing 18 in tires with the new 20" tires. Doing that keeps you from reprogramming the computer to match the new combo and your speedometer will be correct.

My speedometer is reading faster than I'm going?

Do you have the correct size tires/wheels on the vehicle? Look on the driver's door post or in your owner's manual for the correct size. Incorrect size tires will effect the accuracy of the speedometer. If you are running the correct tires then the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) may need replacing.

Can 225 60 R16 tires be replaced with 215 55 R17 tires?

Yes, if you also change wheels.

How many tires on a Boeing 777?

Wheels or tires? if tires, 14. If wheels, 7. There are 2 tires per wheel.

Why does my Speedometer read faster than I am driving?

The size of tires can effect that accuracy of a speedometer. Larger tires will cause the speedometer to read less than you are actually going.

Wheels and Tires?

form_title= Wheels and Tires form_header= Keep your car running with new wheels and tires. How many tires do you need? What brand do your normally buy?*= _ [50] Does your car require specialty tires?*= () Yes () No

What effects will putting 17 tires on your 2007 dodge half ton that had 20 stock wheels do?

itl mess up ur speedometer and most likely ur gas mileage wil change but for the better or worse idk

Can you use 16 inch wheels and winter tires on a vehicle that is designed for 18 inch tires. The winter tires that I want to buy aren't made in 18. I was just going to buy a set of 16 winter wheels?

This depends on whether the wheels are correct offset and will clear all the suspension and brake pieces. Order or find wheels that are recommended for your car, use tires the same height and width size for your car and be careful because the change will change will change the way your car handles.

Can you replace 16 inch wheels with 15 inch wheels?

Yes, as long as the hole pattern is the same. You should also check the offset, or how far the rim center is from the edge. You can keep the speedometer reading true by selecting 15" tires that have the same diameter as the 16" tires that you are replacing.

Can you replace 215 60 r17 tires with 215 65 r16 tires?

First off you will have to install different wheels. Assuming you have 16" wheels to install the tires on the answer is yes. This is an very acceptable substitute. Your speedometer will read 60.3 at a true 60 mph with the 16" tires and your engine will turn 4.2 more revolutions per mile which is negligible. Go for it as you have made a very good choice.

Will 17 inch tires and rims from a 2007 silverado fit on a 2000 silverado with 16 inch tires and rims will it screw up speedometer reading?

The Rims will fit as long as they are the same number of studs and puting 17 inch rims on will not screw up your speedo as long as the tires you use have the same outside diamiter. If they are the tires that came with the original 2007 silverado they will be the same outside diamiter as your 16" wheels and tires You can also adjust for larger tires on the speedometer with a hypertech controller.

Where can I buy tires online?

Find tires, wheels and more at Tire Rack: large inventory of discount tires and wheels, plus tire reviews and ratings, custom wheels, brakes, chrome wheels, suv

Can I change the wheels on my car?

There is a way for you to change the tires yourself, which can save you money. There are many videos on YouTube that show you video demonstrations on how to change a tire. Also many websites such as wikihow, offer instructions on how to change your tires.

Why would your speedometer be displaying eight to 10 MPH over your actual speed?

You probably have the wrong size wheels and or tires for your speedometer gear. Here is more input: * I would suspect someone has installed tires that are the incorrect size. Check the correct original equipment size. For example, on a Ford Ranger the tires and wheel is 225/70-15. I would suspect it has a tire smaller than this. Install the correct size tires.

Do wheels for 185 70 r14 tires fit 205 70 r15 tires?

Of course not you cannot install 15 inch tires on 14 inch wheels or vice versa. 14 inch wheels require 14 inch tires, and 15 inch wheels require 15 inch tires.