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Maybe it is heartburn. It could also be a regular stomach ache if it isn't constant or just happened once.

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Why is your stomach hard underneath your breast?

you may be feeling your ribs - a bone!

When pregnant does the outer part of your breast hurt?

Yes. Breast tenderness is a common feeling in pregnancy.

What happens when yoUre three weeks pregnant?

It depends on the person but even at three weeks you can have all of the very common pregnancy symptoms:Missed period, Breast Tenderness, Fullness Feeling in your Stomach, and Breast Swelling.I hope I helped!

Could you be pregnant if your breast are very sore and you've been feeling sick to your stomach and having spells where you get a hot feeling and then it goes away in a few minutes?

Well a few other things have to happen first, but it's a possibility.

Feeling nausea and breast are sore could i be pregnant?

Yes. Take a test

You have had a fever sore breast stomach pains and diarrhea does that mean that you are pregnant?

You could be. Or you could just have a stomach bug

Could you be pregnant if you have a weird feeling in your stomach very tired hungry moody pee a lot and your breast hurt?

you certainly could be, i would suggest a $5 pregnancy test from a supermarket.

Could you be pregnant if you sex for 2weeks after your period and you have sore breast and stomach cramps?


What are symptoms for 3 weeks pregnant?

breast are tender or swallowing, feeling exhausted, cramping and etc.

You had some lower stomach pains lately and your breast are very itchy can you be pregnant?

Yes. Take a test

Im meant to overlate yesterday now your breast are very tender and stomach ache?

Possibly pregnant

What are the anatomical and physiological changes of a pregnant woman?

I think it is the enlargement of the stomach,breast tenderness and the swollen of the feet

How do you know if you're pregnant aside from missing your period and can you tell if your body just feels different?

If your prenant you do have a feeling and yah there is other signs of being pregnant beside missing your period ex like mood swings,eating more ,nausia feeling ,your breast get sore boobs get bigger stomach also and not to tell you that you can be on your period and still be pregnant but the safest thing is go to the docter and get tested.!

Is a slight burning feeling in your stomach or a burning cold feeling in your breast a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, I get the burning a bit in my breasts, and i have had tingling in my stomache. I am 5 weeks along.

You are a week late for your periode your breast are swollen but it dont hurt you and you get some crampin in your stomach could you be pregnant?

yes, you could be pregnant, good luck.

Your breast are tender you have bad stomach pains and weight gain in the last two weeks could you be pregnant?

you were raped

Can you be pregnant if you have occasional mild stomach ache breast pain feet pain and your periods are after 5 days?


My period is 11 days late.I took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. could I be pregnant if I'm feeling pain in my breast?

Feeling a pain in your breast does not mean you are pregnant. Also, a test should be picking up a positive result by now unless it is a very cheap brand.

Your breast are leaking your tired all the time and you have a upset stomach ofter but you had your tubes tied can you be pregnant?

Possibly - take a test

When you press your breast white fluid come out your stomach is bloat but you had your period had unprotected sex?

Could be pregnant, get a test done

I had my tubes burnt and lately my breast hurt my stomach is bigger and feels tight am I pregnant?

It would be a good idear to take the test.

Does having a bloated stomach and swollen breast means your pregnant?

No. You can have coilitis and be going through perimenopause (hormonal changes) like myself.

If you have morning sickness breast tenderness stomach problems heartburn food cravings and other symptoms can you be pregnant even though 4 pregnancy tests have been negative?

Yes you can still be pregnant, my friend took 3 pregnancy tests and they all showed up negative. It was because she didn't have enough hCG in her urine to get a positive result. On the fourth test, it came out positive, but she also had a gut feeling she was pregnant. It all depends on how well your body can adjust to a new life beginning inside of you and yes you can still be pregnant, wait a while and test again.

Does having stomach pain and breast pain mean pregnancy?

Well, stomach pain and breast pain are obviously two different areas., this should not determine pregnancy.. You would have other symptoms, such as breast tenderness and weight gain, nausea.. that is if you are pregnant. If your not then could be just time of the month and sometimes that causes stomach pain, which can be determined to be gastric pain.. Hope this helps..

Your breasts and nipples are very sore are you pregnant?

In some cases that may be true....but you could be coming onto your period or getting off but when i started feeling my breast being sore i was pregnant