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If 2 people enter into a rental/ownership agreement for an amount of time, the contract must be upheld. If one person leaves, then they are obligated to either continue making payments or find a new tennent to take his/her place in the house. The person who remains in the house can take the other person to court for breach of contract. In the mean time, a new tennent must be found and keep all evidence that ads were placed and effort was made to fill the vacancy. If it is brought before a judge, this will help in court.

2006-08-24 22:39:20
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Loaning money to a friend or family member can be complicated. While most people want to help a loved one in need, few people can afford to just give money away. To ensure a loan is repaid, it is important to construct a written loan agreement. If the borrower refuses to repay the loan, this agreement will help the lender seek legal recourse to obtain what he or she is owed.How to Construct a Loan AgreementThere are a few ways to construct a loan agreement. You can either write the document yourself or use an online loan agreement template. These templates are offered by many different websites at little or no cost. The advantage of using a loan agreement template is that the document will likely contain all of the information you need to create a binding agreement. If you have never written a loan agreement, you might not be sure what to include otherwise. Businesses and financial institutions can also use these templates when providing loans to consumers.What Your Loan Agreement Must IncludeFor a loan agreement to be complete, there is certain information that should be included in the document. Most loan templates first list the name and address of both the lender and the borrower(s). The next information should be the loan amount, loan term, and the nature of the loan. This agreement should also include how the loan will be repaid. This includes the size of the borrower's payments and the frequency of his or her payments. If the borrower will be paying the loan in installments, the agreement should state when the payments are due, the interest rate, and any fees.A loan agreement template should also discuss prepayment penalties, the consequences of making payments late, and the consequences of defaulting on the loan. To protect the lender, the borrower should agree to pay any collections and legal fees the lender incurs while trying to recover payment. While some of these terms might not be necessary, this is the basic information included on most loan templates.To complete the loan agreement, the document must be signed by the lender and the borrower. For future reference, both the lender and the borrower should be given a copy of the document. Should either the lender or borrower break the loan agreement, the signed document can be used to defend the wronged party in court.

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