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Gap One phase


Gap Two

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How many phases does interphase have?


What are the 3 phases of interphase?

gap 1gap 2synthesis

What are the 3 sub-phases of interphase?

(g1) (s) (g2)

The first 3 phases of the cell cycle are collectively known as?


List the three phases of interphase and describe what occurs during each phase?

the three phases of interphase

Which three phases make up interphase?

The three phases that make up interphase are G1, S, and G2.

What three phases is interphase divided into?

The three phases of Interphase is divided into the G1 phase, S phase, and G2 phase

What 3 phases are interphase divided into?

G1 phase G2 phase S phase

What happens to DNA during interphase?

interphase is oneof the longest phases of mitosis. during interphase the DNA replicates

What is the Longest phases of the cell cycle?


How many phases is interphase divided into?


Which phases of the cell cycle does interphase include?

The phases of the cell cycle that interphase includes are G1, S and G2. This is the phase when cells spend most of their time.

What are the two phases if the cell cycle?

The two phases of the Cell Cycle are:InterphaseMitosis

Which does not belong anaphase interphase metaphase prophpase?

Answer: interphase, that's what happens in between the other phases.

What is the period between Mitosis phases called?


What are three phases of interphase?

G1, s , g2

What phases does a cell carry out its everyday function?


During what stage does the G1SandG2 phases happen?


Name the 2 main phases of the cell cycle?

the Two main phases are interphase and metaphase.

In the cell cycle what phases composes the interphase?

In the cell cycle there are three phases that compose the interphase. The three are G1, S and G2. This is the phase where a cell spends most of its time.

What cell cycle phases occur during interphase?

Interphase consists of G1, S, when DNA is replicated, and G2. Interphase ends when mitosis begins.

What two phases of mitosis are opposites?

There are Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Triphase. The two that are opposite are Interphase and Anaphase.

What phases does interphase include?

Interphase includes the Gap 1, S (DNA synthesis), and Gap 2 stages.

What is the phasis of mitosis?

Do you mean what are the phases of mitosis?If yes, the phases are:interphaseanaphaseprophasemetaphasetelephase

What is the two main phases of the cell cycle?

The two main phases of a cell cycle are interphase and mitosis.