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Can you think of a word where you take 3 letters away from a 4 letter word and manage to have it mean the same thing?

Answer s 1) The word FIVE is a 4-letter word. Take away the 3 letters 'F', 'I' and the 'E', and you are left with 'V' which is the Roman numeral for the number five. 2) The word ZERO is a 4-letter word, Take away the letters Z,E and R, and you are left with O, which is zero! Other words wit ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of risk-taking in entrepreneurship?

Risk Taking is important in the concept of Entrepreneurship because you cannot gain something without taking a risk. Risk taking is taking a chance on an outcome, not blindly, but by weighing the possible outcomes based on the available information you have.

What does risk mean?

risks: which are defined as the probability that a specific adverse event will occur in a specific time period or as a result of a specific situation. Risk: is the combination of likelihood and consequence of a hazard being realised. Risk means something along the lines of "i ( Full Answer )

Why do people take risks?

Nothing in life is completely free of risk. If you simply refuse to get out of bed for fear of dangers that await, you will still develop bed sores. And in many cases, it is the risky activities which can pay off with greater gains. For example, you have to risk rejection in order to have a chance o ( Full Answer )

What risks did Theodore Roosevelt take?

Roosevelt constantly took risks regarding his health. The asthmaticparticipated in wars, explored jungles and lived among thetreacherous conditions of the old west, all without the supervisionof a doctor.

What risks did Medgar Evers take?

Medgar Evers took risks in the courtroom and in the public arena,fighting for civil rights. He risked his very life to uphold whathe knew was right and just.

What is risk taking?

Risk taking is doing something that you would not normally do. Risktaking is also challenging yourself . Risk taking is also doingsomething even though you do not know the outcome.

One word 4 meanings?

A word with more than one meaning is a homophone, a/k/a homonym. Example: two and too.

What do the 4 letters on the dreidel mean?

nun-you do nothing everything stays the same shin-put two coins in gimel- take all of the pile hay- take half of the pile ________ The above describes the rules of a game played with dreidels but doesn't answer the question. Dreidels have 4 letters on them but they make up an acrony ( Full Answer )

What does risks mean?

Risk is a chance of something going wrong: a hazard, a danger of injury, damage or loss will occur.

What are other words that mean 4?

quadrigeminal, quadripartition, quadrivium, quadrumvirate, quadruple, quadruplet, quadruplets, quartet, quartette, quaternary, quaternion, quaternity, tetrad, '''tetralogy, quad, quadrilateral'

4 letter words ending with ang and meaning?

Bang (to hit sharply), dang (todamn), fang (a long, pointed tooth) and gang (a group) are 4 letterwords. Additional words include hang (to attach from above), pang(to cause to have spasms of pain), rang (to give forth a clear,resonant sound), sang (past tense of sing), tang (to provide with apungent ( Full Answer )

What do you means by risk matrix and risk profile?

risk matrix is a 2*2 table (high,low) or 3*3(high,medium,low) showing the impact of risk on vertical lines and showing probability of the event happening,giving rise to risk,on horizontal lines.in this way you can show your risks in a digram so more understandable in a grid...risk profile is the lev ( Full Answer )

What is a 4-letter word that means a small brook?

Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary and dictionary.com say that one definition of the word "beck" is a "creek" or "a brook, esp. a swiftly running stream with steep banks." See the Related Links below.

Did Joan of Arc take risks?

Yes she did and that is why she was successful. Prior to Joanarriving on the scene, the French army feared taking risks and,therefore, were constantly losing battles.

What is 4 letter word that means ankle bone?

Ankle bone is usually "tarsus." The seven bones of the human tarsus form the ankle and upper part of the foot. They are the talus, calcaneus, navicular, and cuboid and the three cuneiform bones. None of them have four letters.

A sentence for risk-taking?

Alexis wanted the side of her hair cut, but she thought about it its cold out side it would be a risk if i walk out side without being cold

Why do people take risks on motorbikes?

Perhaps because they want to impress the girls, or because they want an adrenaline rush. Or perhaps they're just being stupid. If you have to ask, you would not understand.

What the meaning of risk taking?

Imagine you are standing near a very high cliff face with a drop of 1 000 feet over the end of the cliff. A normal, sane, sensible, fair, and reasonable person would not go near the drop over the cliff. A risk taker would jump off the end of the cliff without a parachute hoping that something, ( Full Answer )

What risks did Emily pankhurst take?

she fought for the womens rights, this could of made her gt thrown in jail for damanding and not of got accepted. =) Hope this helped

What do the 4 letter word dreidel mean?

Dreidels have 4 letters on them but they make up an acronym, not a word. There are two version of the acronym and they are: In Israel: N eis, G adol, H aya, P o - A great miracle happened here. Outside of Israel: N eis, G adol, H aya, S ham - A great miracle happened there.

What is a 4-letter word meaning stern?

The four letter word for stern as a noun : Rear to mean rear of a ship or aircraft. The four letter word for stern as an adjective: Hard to mean strict.

What risks do you take when promoting a product?

When promoting a product, there's always a risk of "over-promoting" it. If you approach customers in a "too-offensive" way, they will feel uncomfortable... Another risk when promoting a product is that it might turn out that you promote it to the wrong audience and target-group. For example, if y ( Full Answer )

What risks did Andrew Jackson take?

Andrew Jackson took a risk when he challenged Charles dickison to a duel. Charles dickinson was the best shot in tenessee. when they dueled, Jackson let him take the fist shot and he almost fell. then Jackson found the strength, tearer was in dicksons eyes, slowly Jackson lifted the gun toward dicki ( Full Answer )

What risks are involved in taking a mammogram?

The risk of radiation exposure from a mammogram is considered virtually nonexistent. Experts are unanimous that any negligible risk is far outweighed by the potential benefits of mammography.

What risks did Harriet Tubman take?

One of her most epic risks was when she was the conductor of the underground railroad. She worked a good ten years saving and/or rescuing fugitive slaves out of slavery. She was also a spy and a soldier in the union army.

What risks does Juliet take to be with romeo?

Marries Romeo: enemy of the family, Keeps it a secret Seeing each other Not marring County Paris Standing up to her father ( lord Capulet) Turning away from her nurse Drinking potion Pretends to be dead Then stabs herself

What does mean 'dont take risk in knock out stage'?

if your talkin about football, it means that you shouldn't use younger players and therefore not very good players in the knockout stage, cause if you do the your out, but in the group stage you still have a chance to make up for a loss

What risks exist with taking Viagra?

The primary drawback to Viagra, which works about an hour after it is taken, it that the FDA cautions men with heart disease or low blood pressure to be thoroughly examined by a physician before obtaining a prescription. At least 130 men.

What risk does juliet take to be with romeo?

She takes the potion Friar Lawrence has brewed up, with who knows what results, with every prospect of waking up alone locked in a tomb with the rotting corpses of her relatives.

What is the difference between has the risk or takes the risk?

one has the word has in and one has the word takes in Diversifiable risk is the risk which can be mitigated by investing in different companies, different sectors, different assets and also different regions. Here we trying to minimize the risk of huge loss by taking the whole risk against one or ( Full Answer )

What does take 4 tabs as a single dose means?

It means that the combined strength of all 4 tabs equals what is recommended or prescribed by your doctor as one dose. So each does would mean 4 tabs.

What 4 letter word means insult?

A noun and verb for insult could be "hurt." A verbal insult is a "slur." An insult may also be a slam ,slap, or snub.