4 types of tissue?


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Human bodies are conformed of 4 basic kinds of tissue. Those are Nervous Tissue, Epithelial Tissue, Connective Tissue and Muscular Tissue. Connective tissue is the most abundant and widely spread and the one that performs more different functions.

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The 4 types of tissue are muscle tissue, epithial tissue, nerve tissue, and I forget the tier one

the 4 main types of tissues are Nervous tissue Muscle tissue Epithelial tissue Connective tissue

The four basic types of cell tissue are epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue.

Connective Tissue Muscle Tissue Nervous Tissue Epithelial tissue

Nerve tissue, connective tissue, muscular tissue, epithelial tissue

Connective tissue Muscle tissue Nervous tissue Epithelial tissue

Epithelial Tissue Connective Tissue Muscle Tissue Nerve Tissue

Epithelium, connective tissue, muscle tissue and nervous tissue

The human body has 4 primary tissue types: epithelium, connective tissue, nervous tissue, and muscle.

1) Nerve Tissue 2) Blood Tissue 3) Connective Tissue 4) Fat Tissue 5) Epithelial Tissue 6) Muscle Tissue

The four basic types of tissue in the human body are connective, epithelial, muscular, and nervous.

connective, epithelial, neural, muscle

Connective tissue is sub divided into 3 typesConnective Tissue proper-These can be divided into 4 parts- Areolar tissue, Adipose tissue, Tendon, LigamentSkeletal Tissue- Cartilage and bone are its further types.Vascular Tissue- It is often called fluid connective tissue. It has two further types called Blood and Lymph

The four types of tissue are , 1.Epithelial Tissue, 2.Muscle Tissue ,3.Connective tissue, 4.Nervous tissue 1.Epithelial Tissue | a.simple--------------- b.stratified | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | a.columnar b.ciliated c.cubical 2.muscle tissue | ------------------------------------- | | a.voluntary b.involuntary | | -------------------- a.cardiac | | a.smooth b.skeletal 3.connective tissue | --------------------------------------------------------- | | | a.loose b.dense 3.fluid 4.nervous tissue | --------------------------- | | a.peripheral b.central

Some types of tissues are: Nerve tissue,muscle tissue, connective tissue, and the epithelial tissue.

Moslty muscle tissue but as with almost every organ all 4 of the major tissue types are present.

The 3 types of tissues are: - Photosynthetic tissue. - Transport tissue. - Protective tissue.

The four major types of tissue in the body are muscle tissue, connective tissue, nervous tissue, and epithelial tissue. :)

mainly there are four types of body tissue [animals] epithelial tissue connective tissue muscular tissue nervous tissue

Epithelial, Connective, Contractile (muscle), and Nervous tissue

There are four major tissue types: epithelia, connective, muscle and nervous tissue.

the four cell types are osteoprogenitor cells, osteoblasts,osteocytes, and osteoclasts

Nervous, Connective, Epithelial, Muscle

Epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissues.

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