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A Watt is a Joule per second. Joules measure energy and Watts measure power, which is the rate of energy used. Therefore, if you use a 60 Watt light bulb for 10 seconds, you consume 600 Joules.


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The 60 watt bulb will consume less energy and not be as bright as a 100 watt bulb. Most bulb sockets will specify a recommended bulb rating.

fluorescents are about 5x as efficientso a 12W will give about as much light

Yes you can use a 13 watt CFL in place of a 60 watt incandescent bulb.

Power = Current * Voltage Current = Power / Voltage Current = 60 W / 120 V Curretn = 0.5 A

watts / 1000 x hours used =kwh in this case its a full circle. 60kwh or 216000000joules

You should never put a 60watt lamp in 40 watt fixture as the exta heat generated might cause a fire.

Under the right circumstances, yes. So will, for example, a 15 watt soldering iron. It just won't melt very much. It is not the wattage that determines the temperature, it is the insulation (or lack thereof) around the bulb and chocolate that determine it.

Amps are measured at an instant of time. At 120 VAC the 60 W bulb is drawing 1/2 amp. The bulb is using 60 watt-hours of power. per hour.

it varys from light bulb to light bulb.

So to replace a traditional 60-watt bulb, buy a 15-watt CFL: 60-watt incandescent / 4 = 15 watts. Note: Some brands of 60-watt equivalent CFLs still do not seem to give off as much light as a 60watt incandescent bulb.

Yes, if your battery has the capacity to match the light bulbs requirements. A 1.5volt "AA" battery cannot supply enough power to light a 60watt bulb. A flashlight that uses a single battery will have a bulb small enough to be powered by a small battery and a paper-clip as a conductor. A low voltage LED may also be used. Touch one end of the battery to one terminal on the bulb, and connect the other end of the battery to the other terminal using the clip. (you may find it helpful to use tape to hold it all together)

Light bulb provide electrical light.

No. The light bulb is two words, not a combination of light and bulb.

energy is calculated in "jouls"

"60 watts" means "60 joules every second". That's what a '60 watt' bulb is designed to consume. If you put 100 joules of energy into a light bulb, 100 joules of energy are going to come out of it, one way or another. Either that energy will be converted into light and heat by the bulb's filament, or else it won't get consumed at all, and it'll come out the other side of the bulb and still be available for use in some other device. So, comparing output energy to input energy is not an effective way to evaluate the efficiency of a light bulb. What you need to do, in order to compare the economy and effectiveness of light bulbs, is to compare LIGHT output to input ENERGY.

If you increase the current in an ordinary incandescent light bulb, the light bulb will get brighter.

The plural of light bulb is light bulbs.

2005 Chevrolet Cobalt Light Bulb Replacement GuideHigh & Low Beam Headlamp Light Bulb Size:9007LLParking Light Bulb Size:3157LLFront Turn Signal Light Bulb Size:3157LLRear Turn Signal Light Bulb Size:3057LLTail Light Bulb Size:3057LLStop Light Bulb Size:3057LLHigh Mount Stop Light Bulb Size:912Fog/Driving Light Bulb Size:H11-55WLicense Plate Light Bulb Size:194Back Up Light Bulb Size:921Front Sidemarker Light Bulb Size:194Rear Sidemarker Light Bulb Size:194Map Light Bulb Size:2825LLDome Light Bulb Size:562Step/Courtesy Light Bulb Size:212-2

A light bulb that uses a filament is also known as an incandescent light bulb.

Two possibilities: the light bulb is broken or there is no electricity getting to the light bulb

No. Laser light is coherent. Light bulb light is not.

I think that the orange and nails light up the light bulb because the acid energy goes through the nails and into the wires connected to the light bulb and powers the light bulb

The light bulb. The light bulb. The light bulb.

A light bulb is named due to it being a bulb-shaped glass object containing a glowing element.

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