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Use encryption, disable SSID broadcasting, and filter MAC addresses.

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Three ways a wireless network can be secured?

Wat are three ways a wirless network can be secured

What are three ways a wireless network can b secured?

The three ways a wireless network can be secured and safe. First, by enabling WEP or WPA/WPA2 wireless security key or password on the router. Second, by enabling wireless MAC filter. And third, by disabling the SSID Broadcast of the router.

What are three ways in which a wireless network can be secured?

1) password protected 2) scanned by the provider 3) reports to the administrator if there is an unknown computer on the network

What are the three ways a wirless network can be secured?

# with an Ethernet cable

What are three ways by which wireless networks are secured?

Two are : WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access )

What are three ways a wireless network can be secured?

wireless networks can be made more secure using encryption and password protection. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA (WiFi Protected Access), and WPA2 A+ Guide to Hardware: pg. 906 I agree those are ways to make it more secure, but, as you stated on page 906, it says those are ways to encrypt data, the general description to secure a wireless network. Other ways to secure a wireless network (also on page 906) are: Disable SSID Filter Mac Address Data Encryption Change Firmware Default Settings Update Firmware Implement Virtual Private Network

How can you tell if your home network is secure?

Theres two ways you can tell. You can tell by logging into your router. Check the wireless settings and make sure security is enabled. Second way, if you have a 802.11g wireless adapter card installed onto your laptop/computer, you should see a wireless icon below the right-hand side of your computer screen. Right click on the icon if you have window vista, click "Connect to a network" If you have windows xp click "View available wireless networks" and you should see if your home network is secured.

What are the best ways to secure a wireless network?

The best way to secure a wireless network is to set up an encryption key. An encryption key is used as like a literal key to keep one's wireless network safe while it is up and running.

How do you switch on the wireless on the laptop?

There are lots of different ways of switching it on, check your laptop for wireless activation buttons, if theres nothing there go to Start --> Network ---> Wireless If there isn't anything to do with wireless e.g the button / on the start -> network -> wireless, i suggest taking it into a shop to get a wireless card put in it.

How does one connect their Nintendo Wii to a wireless network?

There are many ways one might go about connecting a Nintendo Wii to a wireless network. The easiest way to make the connection is to refer to the official pamphlet.

What is a wireless repeater?

Very simple - most people who require a wireless repeater are those who need to extend their wireless network. This means a repeater would take the original signal from the network and repeat it, which extends this network. This is one of the ways which people are using to get around putting wires around their home or office.

In what three ways can you configure a router?

What is the network ID of

How do you find the SSID on your computer?

Your computer does not have an SSID. The SSID is the name given to a wireless network when a network is created. You can choose to broadcast or not broadcast the SSID of the network. If you hide the SSID, then your wireless network will not be "visible" to other computers looking to join the wireless network, meaning that computers will only be able to join your network if they know the SSID beforehand. If you are trying to create a network with the wireless card on your computer, then the name of the network created by your computer should be your SSID.This only oly for people who have laptops I think okay any ways look for your intrnet connection on your laptop and then check the networks you use and then that's you SSID isn't that alot easier :)

What accessories do you need to set up a wireless printer?

You can do it in at least two different ways. First one is to get a wireless router configure it properly for your particular wireless network. Of course, you will a wireless router. Second one is to connect your printer to a computer with wireless card, and share it using windows features (if you are using windows).

What are the three ways in which a network can be classified?

Topology (or shape) Geographic scope Type of service

Where can one get free wireless WiFi access?

One can get free wireless WiFi access at stores such as Starbucks. Other ways for one to get free wireles WiFi access is to check to see if you can find an unsecured network to connect to.

how can connect local area networks in a cybercafe?

If you are in a cyber cafe, there are multiple ways to connect to their local area network. You can simply plug in with an ethernet cord provided, or you can go to your wireless settings and connect to their network wirelessly.

How do you extend a home wireless network?

There are two main ways to do this: 1. If your wireless router supports WDS, get another WDS-compatible router, and configure it to connect to your main router. 2. If your router is not WDS-compatible, you can pick up a wireless range extender for about $20-$30.

Ways you could make a loan secured?


Name 5 different ways to connect to a printer?

Parallel, USB, Wireless, Bluetooth, Wired Ethernet, Shared Printer through Peer-2-Peer Network.

How do you connect a wireless PC to a wireless laptop using wireless networking?

I believe you are talking about creating an Adhoc Wireless network link. Whilst this is not the most widely used method of wireless, it can sometimes be done. The easiest way to connect from a wireless laptop/PC to another wireless laptop/PC is to use a wireless router or Wireless Access Point (WAP). These are normally quite cheap (less than $100 in AU) and have good instruction on how to get this going. A good user would take about 15mins to get basic wireless functionality, such as requested in this. Ad-hoc networks (connecting directly from wireless laptop/PC to another wireless laptop/PC) can be a bit harder to get going without a WAP. To achieve this, each laptop/PC wireless network adapter must be configured for ad-hoc mode versus the standard alternative infrastructure mode. This is achieved in different ways depending on your adapter, if yours can do this at all. In addition, all wireless network adapters on the ad-hoc network must use the same SSID and the same channerl number. Connecting more than 2 devices in an ad-hoc network also has issues, like connection speeds and it can be hard to manage. A support call to the manufacturer of your Wireless Network Adapter or Laptop may help with this. Also, your ISP (though they won't like it) may be able to help. See this Microsoft article: for a more advanced rundown and setup instructions

How do you set your hp wireless printer up?

There are three ways to connect your wireless HP printer to your existing wireless network: using Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS), Wireless Setup Wizard, or temporarily connecting it using a USB cable. Find information about each method and then determine which may work best for you.Method 1The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (or WPS) method consists of following a few simple steps on the printer's control panel or touchscreen before pressing the WPS button on your wireless router.Method 2This wireless setup method consists of following steps on the printer's control panel or touchscreen. During these quick steps, you'll be prompted to enter your network name and password.

Neighbors are stealing your internet you must set up your current wireless network to be password protected and disconnect filesharing from their Xbox 360 to your computer how would you do this?

You have to choices. The first one is to use so called MAC filter. For that you have to know MAC addresses for all your network devices connected to router. The MAC filter can be used in two ways: Black list and White list. Black list describes which adapter should not be allowed (this logic is called - everybody except specified). White list defines address which only have excess to the router. It's much better to use White list because it's harder to trick. Another option is to use security for your network. When you use secured networks you have to enter a password which is defined by router owners (you). Just log in your router change the administrative password, go in wireless settings and enable a secured network, choose password and you are protected.

How do you connect a wireless access point to a network switch that gets Internet from a cable modem?

There are at least two ways. First, you connect the wireless router directly to the cable modem, and then the switch in the wireless router. You have to connect the cable coming from the modem in the wireless router internet port. Second, you connect the wireless router to the switch, again the cable coming from the switch you have to connect on the wireless router internet port. It's better to put the wireless router just after the modem, but it's not required.

What are network computers?

A computer network as a bunch of computers linked together. There are two types of computer networks. WAN's and LAN's A WAN is a Wide Area Network. The internet is a WAN because it is a giant network, connecting computers together. A LAN is a Local Area Network. These networks are smaller networks, such as a business network, a home network or a school network. The main functions of these networks are connecting multiple computers to the internet, and sharing files between networks. There are actually two types of LAN's. Domains and Workgroups. A domain is the kind of network that you would see at a school or large workplace. These networks consist of a large server that contains all the data files for all the users on the network. This is good in a school or work environment, because any user can log onto any terminal within the network and have all of their files and preferences. You would typically see a workgroup at a home or small business. These networks contain no central hosting server and each computer has their own user accounts. There are two ways two ways to connect to a typical network. The fastest and most common method is via cable. These cables are called Ethernet cables and are normally blue or yellow in color. To connect to an Ethernet network, a user has to plug an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on their computer and also into an Ethernet port on a Hub or wall socket. An Ethernet port looks like a telephone cable, only slightly wider. The other way to connect to a network is wireless. There are at least three protocols to connect to a standard wireless network. 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n, the latter is the newest and fastest. To connect to a wireless network you must have a wireless network interface card. There is no difference in functionality between wireless and wired networks. This answer only touches the surface of computer networking and doesn't cover the setting up of a network, or network troubleshooting. There are other ways to use computer networks, and computers are not the only things that can be networked, however the information provided should answer the question.

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