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Troops sent to protect the interests of a corrupt south Vietnamese government were only good for the interests of weapons manufacturers there was no chance from the outset that this war was going to be won. It was in fact a crime against humanity that the united states and its allies will never have to answer for because they are too powerful. And i any case its doubtful that anyone really cares any way.

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Why did American combat troops go to Vietnam?

To stop communist aggression. To preserve the Republic of South Vietnam (from being conquered by North Vietnam).

How many us troops were drafted for Vietnam war in 1969?

Troops weren't drafted (Troops are ALREADY in the service); 40,000 men a month were being drafted.

Why America increased the number of troops sent to Vietnam in 1965?

America had to increase the number of troops sent to Vietnam in 1965 because operations had crossed international borders at that point. Laos and Cambodia were being heavily bombed.

What was the effect of the Vietnam war on Vietnam?

The North took over Saigon shortly after U.S. troops pulled out of Nam, resulting in the country being taken over by communism.

How was Cambodia involved in the Vietnam War?

Cambodia was being invaded by both American and japenesse troops during their battles.

Which US president who began to pull combat troops out of Vietnam?

I believe it was Richard Nixon in 1973 who began pulling out troops out of VietNam but the final pullout of American troops was in March of 1975. So between 1973 and 1975 we still had soldiers and possibly missions going on in VietNam. I myself am a veteran who served from 1973 to 1976 although I never went into VietNam, I feel justified in being recognized as a VietNam era veteran. Am I wrong in thinking that way ?? This I ask to those who went into VietNam?!?!? Please give me your comments

Should Australian troops be pulled out of Afghanistan?

yes Australian troops are being killed in war that is pointless, Al-Qaeda is gone but they are still there whats the point, the Taliban there Afghanistan's problem

Why did the US withdraw troops from Vietnam?

We withdrew troops from Vietnam because there was many anti-war riots occuring in the U.S. The clergy, trade union, civil rights workers, and war veterans all protested the Vietnam War. Also president Nixon said in his election his goal was to bring back the troops in Vietnam. He had to follow his word so he slowly withdrew troops hoping that the South Vietnamese troops would take over. Even though this did not work and North Vietnam took over South Vietnam and united them with a communist gov. Also, about a year later, Nixon sent troops to Cambodia to destroy North Vietnamese military bases. This angered many Americans because it was being held a secret till word spread around from soldiers talking about it.

Why are there so many American MIA's in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a dense jungle that when the planes crashed, and/or the troops were captured it was easy for the Vietcong to relocate them without American troops finding them. There were tunnel systems used by the Vietcong to travel without being seen as well. Between those factors and the camps it was hard to locate all of our men. There is speculation of some of them being relocated out of Vietnam altogether upon capture as well.

Why was the ground war so difficult to fight in Vietnam?

Our army at the time was mainly trained for urban warfare,meaning cities or towns like the cites in the middle east. Vietnam was in the jungle and our troops were constantly being ambushed and the viet cong knew the land far more better then out troops.

What major political issues were being addressed back in the US while troops were fighting in Vietnam?

Civil Rights movement, the draft, and the voting age.

Was media a cause to why America pulled out troops from Vietnam?

Media would definitely be a reason that the country had a negative point of view of many events that took place in Vietnam. The reasons for pulling out of Vietnam tie to our troops being put into a dangerous situation for an extended period of time and the number of casualties being so high. There were nearly 17,000 KIA during 1968 alone and the US was involved in the war for 10 years. I have seen information that states Nixon pulled the troops due to the Vietnamese winning the war, but that could be the opinion of the author.

What was the Vietnamese point of view in the Vietnam War?

South Vietnam? Or North Vietnam? South Vietnam thought they were helping America to stop the spread of Communism (Domino Thoery), North Vietnam under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh, were getting arms and supplies from China and Russia via the Ho Chi Minh Trail. They thought they were helping to spread Communism as Communism being the right government. But American media gave a bad image of the war in Vietnam.

Why did the US retreat from the Vietnam War?

South Vietnamese government were totally out of control and corrupted. They're being divided and troops losing spirits. US casualties\^^/

What year did the US involvement in the Vietnam War begin?

1959 saw the first troops being sent as trainers. 1965 was the first US combat action.

What are the benefits of being a doctor?

whats the fun part of being a doctor? whats the fun part of being a doctor?

Why did roosevelt not help in the holocaust?

He was also worried that the USA would object to troops being sent to Europe if they thought that the reason was to help the Jews.

Who was the prisdent of the US during the Vietnam?

there were many. kenndey can be thought of as being the 1st, but in many books LBJ was 1st. then was nixion who ended the war

Name three factors that contributed to the sinking morale among US troops fighting in Vietnam?

1. Not using atomic weapons to defeat the enemy. 3. Not invading North Vietnam to defeat the enemy. 3. Being drafted and not doing the above.

How did the media play a role in the Vietnam war?

they showed everything thata was happening... i.e U.S troops being killed and it started to make US citizens anti-war

What was one difficulty that US soldiers faced while fighting in Vietnam?

Not being able to find the Vietcong's. Vietcong's spent the day hiding, which restricted the American Troops attacks.

How did the soldiers of the Vietnam war feel about being in war?

They thought it sucked that all the students were protesting against the war because they had no idea what war is like. But they thought also war sucks - they nonethless were committed to winning.

What was the ultimate goal of President Nixon's Vietnamization plan?

The mission of President Nixon's Vietnamization plan was to have the South Vietnamese troops do more of the fighting, with the ultimate goal being the eventual removal of American troops from the country. The Vietnam War lasted from 1955 to 1975.

What is Vietnam war about?

Preserving the Republic of South Vietnam from being conquered by Communist North Vietnam.

How did the us involvement in the vietnam war change after 1964?

Until 1964, the United States held an "Advisory" position in the North-South Vietnam conflict. When North Vietnamese Army regulars began attacking the U. S. "advisers" more U.S. troops were sent in to protect them. By 1965, entire Marine and Army divisions were being sent to Vietnam, shifting the conflict to a major confrontation between North Vietnamese troops and the United States military and our allies.

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