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80 percent of walmart products are made in china?


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most all of the products that come from Walmart are made in china


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Because you have a problem with buying products made overseas, in China for example, and you would rather buy products that are made in your own country.

what products are made in china?AnswerSTUFF

I am from China ,the majority of my products are made in mainland China .

Nothing at all. Walmart mostly sells products made in China. Therefore, what really contributed to Walmart success in Mexico was China entering the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December of 2001.

Apple products are designed in California and made in China.

Yes, It is made in China, China is a making the products, and the U.S. buys it.

the products are made in china

Both these countries are a major leader.About 70 percent are made in China and Japan.

China exports all over the world... There is no limit to where they limit their products to. You will find that a majority of the products you buy today are 'Made in China'.

The products and services that are provided by China Search are products that have been either made or produced in China and are now on the US shelves.

Because China made these products and the US shipped them

Go to Whole Foods or some high class place that doesn't sell made in China products. Robert Patti

Jordan shoes are made in china

All Apple products are made in China.

walmart tends to have a lot of items made in china instead of u.s.a. but walmart is very handy for people and that is why people go back to walmart!

some is made in china and vietnam

YES, and it's sold at Walmart.

A majority of the products are apparently manufactured in China. No Made in USA products here.

I think that pencils are are made in China. I am not 100 percent sure because I am not a person that is born in China. Sorry that I don't have your answer.

84 percent of toys sold in Australia are made in China

Most of the Gap's clothes are indeed made in China. Some products are made in other countries such as the U.S. but China is their predominant supplier.

You can find alot of information on the export of products made in China on the free encyclopedia website known as wikipedia under the article "made in China". This page gives you alot of information including information on major incidents involving the made in China label.

Most MIO Technology products are made in China.

The Chinese made vases and similar products from fine clay which they exported around the world. The English discovered the same type of clay in Britain. They called the clay "China clay" and the products made from it "fine China"

75% is said to be made in China but the vast majority is only assembled in China, and they put the Chinese label on it.

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