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91 Dodge Dakota diagnostic code list?


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buy a book like Chilton, and it has all the diagnostic codes listed in it. buy a book like Chilton, and it has all the diagnostic codes listed in it.

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As you do not list the code you are reading, it is impossible to answer your question.

I have access to a factory diagnostic manual and it does not list a code 1400. Aftermarket scan tools are notoriously unreliable on reading Sprinter trouble codes correctly.

See sources and related links below for the 1996 Dodge Dakota light bulb lamp list.

The suspension and headlights. You can find a list here

Vehicles use generic codes, enhanced codes and manufacture-specific codes. So you must use a shop manual to get the codes used in your particular vehicle.

go to RCC [ ] and the procedure and code list are posted on the board / just look around turn the key on & off three times

Are you sure about that code? I'm not seeing it in the ODBII code list.

A ph3614 has a long list of applications including a 1987 Dodge Dakota truck.

There where a couple of available sizes. The label on the driver's door jamb will list the original size.

All check engine codes are two digits, so the code 5 must be incomplete. 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, and 65 are all possibilities, however, if it was the last code output, it is most likely code 55 which simply means that the list of fault codes is finished. All code output lists are ended by code 55

I Have a code list and it is, Diagnostic Monitor Internal Thermal Fuse Blown And Short To Ground No longer Exists. Short To Ground Was Serviced or is intermittent. That`s the best i can do for you I have a 52 code in mine .

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Error codes on a 1997 Mercury Villager can be found by connecting an OBDII code reader to the diagnostic port. The service manual has a full list of error codes and their causes.

well i would post the type of code that you have and i could help you ,you could also try your local suzuki dealer

Just "Google" the code you are looking for and you should find the information your looking for.

The average Nissan automobile has more than 400 diagnostic troubleshooting codes. You can obtain a complete list of diagnostic codes from most Nissan dealerships.

Check her IMDB page; it has a list of all movies.

Code Example:ThisisalistThisisalist

Well I just checked about 6 sites that list Isuzu specific obd2 codes. Problem is, not a single one of them list that code. Are you sure it's the right code? If it is, you're probably going to have to ask a dealer or mechanic. If you mean P0128 that's a thermostat insufficicent temp and it req's a t-stat

On newer models, about 1997 and later, you need a diagnostic scan tool such as an OBDII that will connect to the engines control module. These are available for purchase at most auto parts stores, starting at around $60.On some older models, you can cycle the ignition as follows to get fault codes:Cycle the ignition twice from ON to OFF, then back to ON within 5 seconds. The check engine light will flash any two-digit codes that are stored in memory, starting with code 88 (8 flashes, followed by 8 flashes). When the list of codes is finished, code 55 will be flashed (5 flashes followed by 5 more flashes). A list of codes can be found in either a Chilton's or Haynes repair manual for your model year, or probably available from your Dodge dealer. Or, just ask above.

need to know what a p 0800 code is also a p 0900 code for a 2003 darangoP0900 Clutch Actuator Circ/OpenP0800 Transfer Case Ctrl Sys (MIL Request)

Just did this trouble code check to my 95 s-10. 12 code is the code showing your in diagnostic mode (flashes 12 three times). The code following this will be your problem's code. Mine was 13 (open wire at oxygen sensor). Replaced sensor and disconnected neg. batt cable to reset. I have list of codes if you need. Kevin

Common enzymes used for clinical diagnosis.

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