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HI; I just stumbled across your question. pao is not pao, the D looks like an O is all. It means that one of your brake pad sensors has either an open or you need to replace your brake pads. Also, the pads leave about 1/16" of the rotor exposed on the outer edge after time causing a lip to form as the rotor wears. This lip will eventually cut into the sensor and cause your light to come on, sometimes prematurely. Turning these rotors is not reccomended as we have had problems with original equipment Jaguar rotors having hard spots from inconsistancies in the metal We always replace the rotors when the lip is too severe or if they are warped. Our pricing on brake parts is excellent and we package rotor pad and sensor kits. See Your other question relates to fuse failure. You should also have a warning light on that looks like a lightening bolt. If you do not, turn on your ignition and look at all the lights as they light up in the insrument cluster before extinguishing. This is the bulb check cycle of the start up process. If you have one out, check the bulb in the instruments. This warning light and Circuit 1 failure showing indicate you have a fuse blown. Get your test light and run tests on both fuse terminals in both A post kick panel fuse boxes located to your left on the drivers side and on the right on the passenger side. This is assuming you have a left hand drive car.

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Q: 91 jaguar xj6 sovereign 4.0 engine what does pao and fuse 1 refer to when indicated as trouble codes no other codes come up-check engine light is off-car has condensation buildup in crankcase exhaust?
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