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I have pulled apart Four (4) differect Speedometers in which the odometers did not work. ALL of them had the inside RED gear basically disintegrated. Just remove the odometer 2 screws. Then remove the stepper motor, 2 screws. There you will see it (inside a white gear) disintegrated. I will probably be manufacturing the gear & rebuilding the odometer. Yes you quessed it, making a new gear ! YUK !

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RPM speedometer and miles gauge are not moving on my 2001 Beetle all fuses seem fine Any Ideas?

Your rpm and odometer sensor were probably busted.

You recently changed the speed sensor in your 1990 dodge b250 van the speedometer works the trip and odometer dont any ideas?

If a person recently changed the speed sensor in a 1990 Dodge B-250 Van and the trip meter and odometer do not work, there could be a fuse that needs to be replaced. The computer might also have to be reset to allow for the odometer and trip meter to work.

The odometer and speedometer on your 1996 Honda Accord Anniversary Edition suddenly stopped working -- any ideas of the cause?


Speedometer on 06 polaris 500 efi doesn't work any ideas?

try checking the connection between the speedometer and the engine or wheels

How do you get the odometer and trip meter to work on a 1995 Cougar The speedometer works fine any ideas and how do you access where you need to be?

I have a 94 and it is electronic. You have to remove the gauge assy and the odometer unit is inside. There is a place on the internet that can send you one with your current milage already dialed in. They quoted me $275.00 trade in and you have to perform the work. Ignore the Truck part, My cougar and Ford truck odometer failed, and I found this place while researching the truck. They do handle most all cars/trucks. Run1

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1993 BMW 318i Speedometer and odometer quit working A couple days ago the speedometer was fluctuating on speed now quit working all together where is the input for the VSS located or any ideas thanks?

On the back of your diff housing is a unit which is connected to a plug. Disconnect the plug and remove/replace the unit on the diff attached with 2 bolts. Do not lose the O=ring. Simple procedure. It can only go in one way, but mine did not solve the problem. Cheapest option to start with, but could be the speedo cluster itself also.

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My hand brake light on my 1993 acura integre RS doesnt turn off any ideas?

that means your brake fluid is low

Gauges don't work on 1993 S10 blazer equipped with electronic digital dash however speedometer does-any ideas?

you need a new instrument cluster about $350 same happened to mine.

1994 Chevy Cavalier Z24- The speedometer is reading a faster speed than actually going about 40 mph faster Already changed the speed sensor Any ideas?

speedo cable?

Vauxhall corsa 17di has oil in the water but doesnt have water in the oil any ideas this is a 2001 model?

Sounds like a blown head gasket.

Thompson Speedtouch 585 V6 and default Administrator password blank doesnt work the router is new any ideas?

U have to reset it man

1986 mustang with new battery dies when put in gear and doesnt start without jump any ideas?

Check the alt & idle speed.

What would make the speedometer stop working on your 1993 Ford Probe and how to fix it any ideas?

The problem could be the output speed sensor on the transmission or the speedo head it self. A scan tool would be helpful

1989 BMW 325 odometer not working changed the gears still doesn't work any ideas?

On my 90 325I, the fuse gets corroded. I have to clean out the connection every now and again in the fuse box under the hood.

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Replace fuse 33

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