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2009-04-04 21:41:42
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Who is Emily the Strange?

Emily the Strange is a 13 year-old goth who's favorite catch phrase is "Get lost" or "Take a hike". She has straight black hair with bangs and four cats, and she always has a straight face. She is the OPPOSITE of good.

What is a good sentence for the word strange?

She sat straight up in bed, thinking she had heard a strange noise, but when she heard nothing else, she fell asleep again.

Did your girl friend love you too?

That's a strange question. But I am a girl and I'm straight, so no.

Do girls get turned on by good looking women aswell even if there not lesbian?

From what I have heard, it is common for girls to get turned on by a woman, because some women like watching lesbian porn, but are straight. It's strange. Straight men dont usually like watching gay porn but will watch lesbian porn, and straight women can like lesbian porn and straight porn, it's really strange.

Does vanilla do anything for you?

Well sometimes if you drink it straight from the bottle then you get this strange disease called bucket head

What instruments are used in Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday?

In the song "Strange Fruit" by Billie Holiday, the only instruments are a piano and trumpet. The real appeal of the song is in the haunting vocal performance of Ms. Holiday.

Can you eat a fresh egg straight away?

Do u mean straight with the Shell? If yes, then generally No. People, of course several strange things, even eating glass or steel.

What are some eight lettered adjectives beginning with S?

· separate · skillful · slippery · specious · spiteful · splendid · straight · strange

Is there an Emily the strange game for Nintendo?

Yes. Emily the strange:strangerous, is the first Emily the strange game and it is available for Nintendo DS, however, as far as I know, it only exist in german, for now.

Is it wrong if your straight but enjoy kissing your friend?

Kissing is actually not really bound by your sexual orientation. It can be enjoyable with both sexes if you allow it to be. However, other people might look strange at you, and will assume you are not straight.

What strange things happened during the filming of the movie Jesus Christ Superstar?

Not really strange but Ted Neely (Jesus) met his wife on set and still married. He spoke highly of her when we met him after an awesome performance of Jesus Christ Superstar

What is strange about 'Mona Lisa's' eyes?

...She's not looking straight at you. :'OAnswer 2:Yes she is, but eyebrows and eye-lashes are missing.

Words starting with str?

Street, strip, strangle, stride, strum, strap, strong, straight, stroll, strange, strut, string, stretch, stringent, streak, and strumpet.

In the game red remover how do you get par on level 35?

If you hit the ball of a particular part of the wall, it will bounce at a very strange and unexpected angle, and will go straight into the hole.

What is y equals 995x -132?


What nicknames does Jamie Strange go by?

Jamie Strange goes by Strange.

Add a suffix to the word strange?

strange - strang(er), strang(ers), strange(ly), strange(st)

What type of word is strange?

The word strange is an adjective, a word that describes a noun: strange, stranger, strangest.That is a strange question.

mysteriously strange (5 letters)?

Is a monster hunter coming out for playstation 3?

No. Its only available on PS2, PSP and Wii Strange for it not to be on PS3 or XBOX 360 since it is such a big hit.

Is method acting still relevant?

Yes, there are a lot of method actors. People say it is a bit strange but i think if it boosts the performance its perfectly ok and im sure a lot of people agree

What is the degree of comparison of the word strange?

Strange is the positive degree. The comparative is stranger (more strange). The superlative is strangest (most strange).

How do you say strange in Japanese?

strange: hen

Why do humans act strange?

Because they are strange.

Is it strange to have a celeb crush?

No it's not strange.