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if it is running like a missfire. i had the same problem it was the idle air valve getting stuck . the part was like fifty bucks and its not that hard to replace

If the IAC replacement did not fix it- Then check the intake gaskets- You can this but be careful- With the engine cold run the engine and spray starting fluid lightly around the intake manifold and any vacuum hoses- If there is a leak the engine will idle faster when you spay the leak

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An angle and its complement are congruent sometimes always or never?

Sometimes. An angle's compliment is simply what other angle would it take to add up to 90 degrees. If the starting angle was 45 degrees, then its compliment would also be 45 degrees.

When does it get warm in Indiana?

Well here in Indiana sometimes in march it can be 70 degrees or 7 degrees there should be a steady heat rise starting probably in April.

If the starting temperature is 6 degrees and then rises 5 degrees what will be the temperature now?

11 degrees

What is the normal temperature for England?

16 degrees but sometimes In summer 24 degrees

What is 20 degrees north and 78 degrees east?

Depends on the starting location.

Why is 16 degrees sometimes cold when you inside and sometimes warm when you are inside?

Its to do with the air and humidity.

You replaced your timing belt on a 305 and now its not starting you have it all timed right what could be wrong where should the number 1 spark plug be on the distributor?

are you sure its not 180 degrees out of timeing, i have seen that a few times.

What temperature do fungi need?

they need 70-80 degrees of warmth sometimes 45 degrees

Is 5000000 degrees Celsius hot?

Sometimes, but not really.

Is an isocoles triangle always sometimes or never a right triangle?

Sometimes when its vertex angle is 90 degrees and the other 2 angles each measure 45 degrees

What is found at 0 degrees latitude?

The equator is the starting point for measurements of latitude, at 0 degrees.

What temperature to bake home fries?

Normally 200 degrees but sometimes 220 degrees hope this helps.

Is an acute right angle is always never or sometimes an isosceles triangle?

SOMETIMES. It could be 60 degrees, 60 degrees, and 60 degrees which is an equilateral triangle and also an acute triangle. It can ALSO be isosceles. 50 degrees, 50 degrees, and 80 degrees. And of course it could be scalene.

Does the starting temperature of water affect how long it will take to freeze?

Yes. If the starting tempetature is 1 degrees C, then it will be quicker than if the tempertaure of the water was 100 degrees C.

What is the starting and ending coordinates of the great wall of china?

start: 40 degrees N, 120 degrees E end: 40 degrees N, 97 degrees E

What is angles around a point?

The angle around a point can be from 1 degrees to 360 degrees. Anything above 360 degrees is like starting over again from 1 degrees

At what latitudes do hurricanes form?

Between 8 and 20 degrees latitude or sometimes 5 to 20 degrees latitude.

What are the range of degrees for longitude lines?

Starting from the Prime Meridian, longitude is measured from zero to 180 degrees westward, and from zero to 180 degrees eastward.

Where is 21 degrees 2 min north 105 degrees 51 min east?

Weres your starting point?

What causes stiff operation of automatic transmission selector lever in 1999 Cadillac deville?

i don't know if this is exactly an answer but I've noticed mine does that on cold mornings (around 32 degrees)

How many degrees does the minute hand on a clock move in 75 minutes?

450 degrees - equivalently 90 degrees as 360 is the starting position, the same as 0.

Are one obtuse angle and one acute angle always supplementary?

sometimes,, you can have an odtuse angle 85 degrees and acute 23 degrees which is a total 108 degrees.

Which city starting with the letter A is located at 16 degrees north latitude and 99 degrees west longitude?

Acapulco, Mexico.

What is 37 degrees of love mean?

It means you are in a rocky relationship. that sometimes you may be hot in your relatioship and sometimes you may be cold.

Are two rectangles similar always or sometimes?

they are sometimes similar because their angles are 90 degrees therefore their angles are proportianite

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