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Without fluid an automatic transmission will never work. Just hope that you haven't destroyed the clutches by attempting to run the transmission with low fluid levels. The drive shaft should pull out of the transmission after removing the 4 bolts from the differential. you should be able to see the rear seal after the drive-shaft is removed. Most REAR seals can be pried out and carefully replaced without too much difficulty or experience, but be careful to not bend, nick or otherwise damage the new seal as you press it into position. You may need to tap the new seal with a hammer and some kind of device that puts pressure on the entire seal to press it in evenly. If it works, (doesn't leak and the clutches still function) you're in luck, but I'd change the fluid and filter as soon as possible. If it doesn't work, you get to buy a new truck or a new transmission.

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Q: 96 Chevy s10 4cyl will not move in drivereverse transmission fluid empty tried to fill leaked right where rear driveshaft starts what causes leak and is it repairable by novice mechanic like myself?
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How much does it cost to replace the rear transmission seal on a 2001 ford expedition?

The seal should run about 10 dollars or less. The mechanic shouldn't charge more than 40 dollars or so. It is a pretty easy job. Buy the seal, remove the driveshaft, knock the seal out, replace it with the new one and reinstall the driveshaft. Piece of cake. good luck.

Who repairs head gaskets?

I was not aware that headgaskets were repairable. I have always replaced them with new gaskets. If you mean who replaces headgaskets, then that would be an engine mechanic.

Who changes transmission fluid?

A qualified mechanic

Can any mechanic change the transmission oil on a Lincoln ls?

Yes, and mechanic can change your fluid.

How do you use the word transmission as a noun in a sentence?

The mechanic told me the the auto's transmission had been overworked.

If you hear clicking underneath your feet when you are driving a Mercury Topaz what could this mean?

Probably a bad driveshaft. Have it inspected at by a mechanic. Sounds like you need to check your CV joints. To my knowledge a front wheel drive vehicle does not have a driveshaft.

How do you change transmission on Saturn sl?

take it to a mechanic n have them do it

Who can you talk to about your dodge neons transmission?

Any mechanic that will listen.

When a transmission is serviced should the mechanics see any problems with the transmission?

A professional licensed Mechanic is trained to look for signs of problems or damage,when working on a transmission. The mechanic usually will drive the vehical after its been serviced to see if problem has been fixed.

Is it safe to replace automatic transmission with manual?

If done by a competent mechanic.

How do you change transMISSION fluid on 2000 Nissan altima?

Take it to the mechanic

How do you change the transmission filter on a 2007 Honda Odyssey?

Take it to a mechanic

How to refill daewoo nubira auto transmission with no dip stick?

The car has a sealed transmission u will have to go to a mechanic to have it checked ..

How do you change transmission mount on ford escort 1994?

take it to a mechanic and say, "can you replace the transmission mount on my '94 Ford Escort"

Where is the transmission filter on a 2002 Mazda tribute?

The filter is in the transmission pan. Let a reputable mechanic do a tranny flush the proper way.

How Does a Mechanic Perform Transmission Repair?

Transmission repair is a kind of auto-work that is performed to repair the transmissions in motor vehicles. The transmission is the part of a vehicle that transfers electrical energy from the vehicle’s engine and adapts it for use by the vehicle’s wheels. Typical kinds of transmissions include automatic and manual transmissions. Automatic transmissions are the most common kind in North America. An automatic transmission has the ability to automatically select its own gear ratio unlike a manual transmission. Like many things in a vehicle, the parts of a transmission can become worn out or damaged. At this point, a transmission repair will have to be performed by a qualified transmission mechanic. First, the transmission mechanic will need to test the transmission. This is usually performed by the mechanic taking the vehicle for a test ride. This ride will help him or her diagnose the problem. During the ride, the mechanic will observe any sounds, movements, or performance issues that are tell tale signs of what could be wrong with the transmission. If problems are found, the car will need to driven into a garage and raised to an elevated level using hoists. The mechanic will then use a number of different tools to remove the transmission from the vehicle. The transmission will then be taken apart. Any worn out or broken parts that are found will be discarded and then replaced. After working parts are installed into the transmission, a number of different adjustments will be made to improve the transmission’s performance. This may include adjusting certain transmission bands, gears, or pumps using a number of different wrenches. After these adjustments have been made, the transmission will be reinstalled into the elevated vehicle. The mechanic will then fill the transmission with new transmission fluid. The mechanic will also make a number of adjustments to different linkages. The final step of transmission repair is a second test drive. Again, the mechanic will drive the vehicle and pay close attention to any sounds, movements, or other signs that will tell him or her if the transmission repair solved the problem. If everything seems fine, the vehicle will be returned to its owner.

Which transmission shop would have the best prices?

For a new vehicle, the best place to get a transmission repaired is either the dealership itself or a mechanic that specializes in transmission repair. Typically, these shops charge less in parts because they will have more of the specific parts more readily available than a general mechanic.

How do you change a transmission in a 94 grand prix?

Take it to a transmission shop. It's too much for a home mechanic. I tried and failed misserably!

Where is the transmission dipstick on yaris?

It may not have one. For example, The 08 AWD Yaris has a closed transmission system. You will have to take it to a certified mechanic and have him check it for you.

How do you stop my standard transmission from grinding going into third gear?

To stop a standard transmission from grinding into third gear, check the level of the transmission fluid. If the noise continues, consult a mechanic.

How do you rebuild a 1992 Ford Ranger 4.0 4x4 automatic transmission?

take it to a mechanic.

What should you do if your transmission fluid is leaking out of your 95 Monte Carlo?

take it to a mechanic and get it repaired.

Transmission Service?

form_title=Transmission Service form_header=Keep your transmission running efficiently. Let us find a mechanic to run a transmission service for you. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ Do you have a manual or automatic transmission?= {(),Manual,Automatic} When was the last time you had your transmission fluid changed?=_

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a Oldsmobile Alero?

There is no dip stick for the transmission. If you suspect any tranny problems it needs to be checked out by a mechanic. i dont know

How can I fix a standard transmission leak on a 1993 ford f250?

To fix a standard transmission leak on a 1993 Ford F250, simply take it to a mechanic.

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