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I've had good luck with USA brand.

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Is there a action replay code to get a three starters in Pokemon diamond?

no, only a code for all starters....thats probably better >.> kanto starters: ivysaur, charmander, squirtle johto starters: chikorita, tododile, cyndaquil Hoenn starters: treecko, torchic, mudkip Sinnoh starters: turtwig, piplup, chimchar

Who is the best starter Pokemon ever?

there are many great starters. in water starters have only two weaknesses, fire starters have four and grass starters have six but that does not make one of them better. I don't think there is any best starter.

What did Miguel Hidalgo do to make Mexico a better country?

He proclaimed the Mexican independence from Spain, for starters.

Is it better to smoke cheyenne cigars classic filtered than smoking Marlboro?

Hell yeah!

What zombie map is better five or kino der toten?

kino is better for starters, and if u want to have fun five is more hardcore and complicated

Which is better Pokemon Red or Pokemon Yellow?

i would say yellow because you get all three starters.

Why are vinyl replacement windows better?

According to my research the reason why Vinyl replacement windows are better than wood windows because of the good quality. Also Vinyl windows have high reviews.

Why was the cello invented?

it was invented as a replacement to the harpsichord as it is louder and you can here it better

Where can I watch anyone you can do i can do better?

Is anyone better than Sophia blooomfield?

noone is better than her

Why you need a starter for an electrical motor?

no need to think more about starters they are just switces to control the motor on off as concerned with motors these switches are called starters there are three kinds of starters depending on the load DOL direct on line stardelta soft these starters have thick contacts for better with-standing during start and running operations of a motor. well now a days these are provided with overload relays for safe operations

Who is the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon mystery dungeon 3 amongst the fire starters?

Obviously chimchar. better hp.

Would a piranha paintball gun be better than a spider?

no pirahnas are lower quality knock offs than spyder, they are not too bad for starters but spyder is better if you have a choice

What are the best replacement struts for a 2003 Trailblazer?

I prefer Monroe's better line.

Is anyone better than Stevan Gerrard?


Which system is better wii or xbox 360?

as my opinion of game experience I recomend xbox 360 wii is more of a starters console

Can blindness get better?

Blindness can get better with a lot of medical attention. Some surgery procedures such as the replacement of the cornea can lead to vision restoration.

Is there anyone who is better than the Jonas Brothers?

in my opinion no

Is there anyone better looking than Jessica Alba?


Which Pokemon game is better fire red or emerald?

It depends on what you like. In each game you can choose from different starters and there are different Pokemon to catch.

How Do You Get every Starters on Pokemon indigo?

migrate or trade even better,in the room #183012 you can get all fire starters up to level 50!!! no joke i just found this and it works brilliant if u want to trade because of the fact its a starter.still searching for a room with others

Is it true that the claimant gets cash or check if he or she has a ACV option and has to turn in receipts if he or she has the replacement cost option on the homeowners policy?

not exactly. replacement cost is better. receipts are not required by law, but the ins co's say that they are because people don't know better.

How is a vinyl replacement window a better alternative than other materials?

Vinyl windows last longer and sound better when being raised or lowered.

What do you need in a car too drift?

a lsd, better if its rwd and it is nice to have a decently powerful engine. say 250 hp would be good for starters

Is Taylor nice?

Taylor is the best she is better than anyone!

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