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Plugs, plug wires, vacuum hoses.

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Your 94 Chevy pick sputters and jerks when you accelerate?

the fuel filter has been changed.

1991 olds bravada while driving it it sputters and tries to die unless kept at 3000rpm or higher. any lower it sputters and tries to die the filter is new any suggestions?

Try checking the fuel injector and carburetor

Your 1998 dodge neon sputters what could be the problem?

fuel filter

Your 1994 ford ranger stalls while driving you have replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs?

yes and no did not changed fuel filter

You have 2003 ford focusafter driving for an hour it starts to stall?

Dirty fuel filter. Get it changed.

Why car wants to start then sputters out?

cloged fuel filter, bad fuel pump.

Engine runs good at first then sputters and dies?

Maybe dirty fuel filter.

Why does my 1988 Chevy s10 idle really good but when driving it sputters and backfires?

The Sputtering tends to be a old or clogged fuel filter the engine is getting starved of fuel replace that and it should fix the problem

What is the cause for car slowing down after begin driving almost sputters as if not getting enough gas?

The year, make, model and engine info would help, but I would start with replacing the fuel filter.

Hey your Honda Civic spits and sputters when you give it gas what is that?

Possible clogged fuel filter.

1992 Chrysler New Yorker seams like it is lacking fuel pressure or vacuum problem It spitts and sputters and almost stops when driving Any ideas?

fuel filter,fuel pump low pressure

Problem with Briggs Stratton 16.5 HP engine sputters at high rpm not continuous but runs rough Runs a lot smoother at three quarter rpm though?

I guess I could have explained more thoroughly I have changed the air filter and fuel filter and changed spark plugs and also disconnected the kill swithes on mower to make sure that was not it either plus I changed the oil too

Chevrolet S10 pickup hesitates when driving on the road I have changed the gas filter the module the battery and fuel filter.?

What year S-10 and what engine you have would help.

What caused your 1993 Nissan Quest to lose power whlie driving and not start?

first I changed the fuel filter, didn't help. then i changed the air filter and put gas treatment in the fuel. seem to have done the job. air filter was nasty. had just bought the car.

What would cause the oldsmbile alero to lose power while driving but starts back up after it been sitting?

Change the fuel filter first.

2004 Honda Civic fuel filter?

A 2004 Honda Civic fuel filter should be changed when the car begins to have fuel issues. A clogged fuel filter will lead to intermediate ignition problems and driving issues.

What does it mean when a 96 Chevy truck is hard to start and upon acceleration it sputters and kills?

Try changing the fuel filter.

How do you change the transmission filter on a 9 Honda Accord?

It has a permanent filter that is changed when you have the fluid changed.

1992 buick park avenue ultra that after 30 minutes of driving wants to cut off you changed the spark plug and wires you changed the fuel filter air filter and the thermostat but it still?

check the alternator, ignition coil. or even see what the charge at the battery is.

1995 GMC truck sputters when given gas?

Change your fuel filter. If if it only does it when the engine is hot, check for a coolant leak.

Lawn mower spit and sputters?

dirty filter 1 clean spark plug 2 should run perfect easy to do

1996 Geo Prizim dies when comes to a complete stop Sputters while in motion regardless of what speed your driving and regardless of when you put your foot on the gas or take it off the gas.?

Check for a massive vacuum leak. There are probably cracks in the air line from the filter to engine.

What causes a LeBaron 3.0 engine to be hard starting coughs and sputters when running will die while driving. Have replaced fuel filter and has had a complete tune up Could the fuel pump be bad?

do a pressure test had same problem it was a bad fuel pump

Why does My1992 Mitsubishi 3000 gt turns off while driving?

My Mitsubishi 3000gt use to do this as well. I changed the air filter and it has not happened since.

Your ford aerostar sputters at high speeds?

If your Ford Aerostar sputters at high speeds, you might have a problem with the fuel injection system or with the fuel filter. You could also have water in the fuel lines, bad gas, or even a spark plug fouling issue.