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If the check engine light is flashing, it's telling you that there is an IMPORTANT computer code that you need to read RIGHT AWAY!!! You can get a code scanner at most auto parts retailers. Some let you borrow one and will even help you figure out what it all means. But you can borrow, rent or buy a code scanner at your favorite auto parts retailers.

Seriously... if it's flashing, get on it RIGHT NOW!
I wonder if the vehicle speed sensor might be involved(?)

Sure would be interesting to have heard the outcome / fix for this one...

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What does it mean if port LEDs has gone from blinking green to blinking amber?

With Network Cards, this signifies the current link speed. Which colors signify which speeds vary between models and manufacturers.

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How do you tell the difference between a factory or non factory alarm on a 2001 Camry?

If you have factory alarm, you have a right light blinking in the dashboard (on the top of the light there is word "alarm") when the alarm is on. If you have aftermarket alarm, then the blinking light is usually to left of the steering wheel next to mirrors regulator.

Why does 1990 MTD ranch king backfire?

If it backfires after you shut it off then it is probably running too rich. Any unburned gas the that is exhausted out and into the muffler will explode with a backfire. With a 1990 model you won't have the anti-backfire solenoid on the bottom of the carb like the newer ones have. If it backfires while it is running it might be out of time. Check the keyway between the crank and flywheel to make sure it is not partially sheared.

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What causes an engine to backfire?

missfiring cylinder possibly due to fouled spark plug, ignition timing incorrect (leads swapped around). The reason for the backfire is unburnt fuel accumulates in the very hot exhaust system and ignites there.Or...If the engine is running and did not previously back fire, and now backfires when the throttle is rolled off (on the over-run) then the most likely cause is an air leak either in the inlet manifold, between the carburettor and the head, or in the exhaust system, often where the pipe joins to the engine, or where the silencer joins the pipe.These backfires are due to a LEAN mixture failing to ignite properly on every cycle and so allowing unburned fuel to build up until it finally goes 'bang'if it backfires but won't run at all, then it could be several things from the camshaft being 180 degrees out to the spark plug leads (on a twin or multi-cyclinder) being on the wrong plugs.backfires occur when not all the fuel is ignited in the engine and instead ignites in the exhaust.

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If check engine light comes on in 93 4runner is it oxygen sensor?

It could be all manner of things. Your truck will give you a code by way of blinking lights in the dash. You jump e1 to te1 in the diagnostics port. You will have a series of blinking lights with a pause between numbers. Example-blinks once then blinks 7 times right after that its a Code 17 look it up in an fsm it will tell you what the code means.

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99 f250 blinking overdrive switch?

Do you mean automatic signal cancel? Check the switch on the end of your shift lever; it may be loose. Try turning it on/off a couple times. (My next step requires interaction between your wallet and a dealer))

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Contrary to popular belief, it has never been proved that women actually do blink twice as much as men. Women and men do not differ in their rates of spontaneous blinking. Generally, between each blink in intervals of 2-10 seconds; actual rates vary by individual averaging around 10 blinks per minute in a laboratory setting. However, when the eyes are focused on an object for an extended period of time, such as when reading, the rate of blinking decreases to about 3-4 times per minute.

How to fix the blinking 4wd high and low lights?

AnswerTo make the lights stop blinking and actually engage the transfer case you have to maintain the electric motor that engauges the transfer case. the contact points inside get worn and corroded and wont allow enough power through to rotate the servo. The motor is located on the transfer case and is held of by 3 bolts, remove and unplug. Any good 4-wheel drive shop can fix it for you for about $50 or you can take it apart and clean the contact points inside and relubricate it yourself in about 15 minutes. reinstall and your 4 wheel drive will stop flashing and actually work.If the 4WD lights are blinking in a sequence, count the # of blinks between pauses. This is a message of the problem. On my 97 Ford Explorer, 5 blinks indicated a problem with the 4WD module. I replaced it myself and cured the problem.

How do you set a timex 1440 watch?

Hold down the 'Mode' button in the top left corner of the watch for around 2 seconds. You should see a pulsing display on the hours. This is the alarm time. Press the 'Adjust' button in the bottom right corner of the watch to set the hour and the 'Start/Stop' button in the top right corner of the watch to toggle hour/minute.To set the time, press the 'Mode' button again. You will see a time with the seconds pulsing. Press 'Adjust' to reset the seconds to zero. Press 'Start/Stop' to toggle down to the hour/minute/date/day of the week. Press 'Mode' again to set the information you have just's a website for it: and hold mode till the hour starts blinkingPress and hold Mode again till the date starts blinkingUse start/stop to go between hour minute and dateuse set to set the time and datePress and hold mode till the hour starts blinkingPress and hold Mode again till the date starts blinkingUse start/stop to go between hour minute and dateuse set to set the time and date

What is the yellow blinking light on the dell comp mean?

The flashing amber light on a Dell PC means there is a power problem between your power supply and motherboard. Chances are its the power supply, but it could be the motherboard too. Typically this will happen when the PC is put under high-heat, bad ventilation, or dirty/dusty vents.

Why do your engine oil pressure light keep blinking on my 2000 Ford Taurus when drove for a period of time?

Inside the engine, bearings (camshaft, rod and crankshaft) float on a thin film of oil. The viscosity of the oil is high enough that the bearings never actually touch the crankshaft or camshaft. The oil is pressurized to force it into the space between the bearing and the bearing "journal". If the oil pressure diminishes below a specific level it may not be forced into the space between all of the bearings, potentially leaving one or more of the bearings without lubrication. It doesn't take many miles of operation with low or no oil pressure before the engine is severely damaged. The blinking oil pressure light indicates that the engine oil pressure is dangerously low.

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