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Get Some WD40 on the front axle and the back one or check the engine!:P


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brakes that are dirty or worn out. also check your shock absorbers or springs. or a worn bearing

to keep an object moving the way it is already moving .

The only time this isn't necessary is if the carpet is already very clean or recently replaced.

If it's not already moving, then it takes force to make it start.If it is already moving, and there's nothing making it stop,then it doesn't take anything to keep it moving.

Does the squeak stop when you apply brakes? If so could be wear sensors on brake pads indicating that they are worn and need replacing

Cheap metallic brake pads always squeal. It is recommended to turn the rotors and lube the slide pins. Is it four wheel disc? Make sure the noise is coming from the axle that the brakes were replaced. Do this; replace pads with ceramic brake pads, resurface or replace rotors, and lube all metal moving parts.

Gravity will speed up a force if gravity acts in the same direction as the object is already moving - for example, if the object is already moving downward - and if counterforces (such as air resistance) don't interfere too much.

The air moving away from the furnace has to be replaced.

A squeaking noise coming from the glove box on a 2003 Dodge Ram might be the heater blower fan. Try oiling the fan to see if it will stop. It could also mean that a screw is missing from the dash and the squeaking noise is the dash moving a little in that area.

If your vehicle is idling high to low when its not moving, chances are you have an issue with the transmission. It may need to be replaced fully or simply fixed.

Yes it is - if the object is at rest. However, if the object was already moving, no force is required to keep it moving.

If it isn't moving, it is already in equilibrium, and you don't need to do anything more.

Teary envy from Chevy guys. listen for the sqeak, determine if it is coming from the interior of the car or one of the moving parts, if it is in the steering check your bushings first.

Nothing will move on its own due to inertia. Inertia refers to objects already in motion. So, a chair that was already moving will keep moving, but it won't begin movement on its own.

your already going up, becaused everything is moving down

Facing the engine, it's on the top left. It can be seen without moving anything.

Relative motion. To talk about a train moving at a certain speed usually means that the train is moving at a certain speed relative to a stationary observer (relative to the ground). This however also means that a passenger traveling in said train would experience the ground (and every other stationary object) as the moving object. This is why a stationary train may seem to be moving to passengers of an already moving train.

In the animation above we see an object (blue box) that is already moving along when we encounter it.

With no forces acting on an object, it'll keep moving just as it's already doing.

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