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I can't help you much on the seat. Did you check for a fuse? I get about 17 miles per gallon no matter how I drive my 97 Tahoe 5.7 ltre V8 Sometimes a little less maybe 16. ANSWER Also make sure your tires are properly inflates. The cold weather will decrease the tire pressure.

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How much on an average day will a bus driver drive?

That varies greatly based on a number of factors. There'll be significant differences between mileage when you compare a school bus driver, metro bus driver, shuttle bus driver, coach bus driver, and anyone driving any other type of bus. It could be as little as a few miles each day, or upwards of 500 miles.

What driver doesnt have a license?


What is the gas mileage on a 1993 Chevy Lumina?

Driver, Check out : for the official mileage ratings.

What state in the US pays the most per mileage for a truck driver?

Walmart is the company that pays the most mileage for a truck driver. States such as California and Texas pay the most.

How can I determine if an auto has high mileage?

Generally speaking, the average driver puts 10,000-12,000 miles on the car each year. For a 5 year old car, anything higher than 60,000 would be considered high mileage.

What is the average mileage life of 5.7l hemi?

I have seen many with 400,000 miles and still going. Long life average is impossible to average or tell as the engine life beyond the first 100,000 is 100% based on driver habits and how the maintenance is done.

How much does a Formula 1 driver weigh?

It varies from driver to driver. However the average weight is around 75kg.

What is the gas mileage of silverado HD?

that depends on the mileage on the truck, driver, outside conditions, speed and if it is gas or diesel. is it a 1500, 2500 or 3500?

What is Average mileage before replacing brakes?

Hard to answer that one. Some drivers only get 25K out of a set of brakes while others get 90K plus. It really depends on the vehicle and the driver.

Driver training is intended for?

Driver training and fleet driver training is intended for anyone learning to drive and improving their skills as a driver.

Can a temperary driver drive with someone who is 18 that doesnt have their licence?

yes as long as they have their ID on them, same as the driver you are aloud.

What kind of NASCAR jobs are there?

A driver. well that really doesnt help!!!

What is the average mpg for a Buick lucerne?

The Buick Lucerne is advertised as getting 18 mpg in the city and 23 mpg highway. Of course, the mileage could vary according to the driving style of the driver.

What is the gas mileage for a 1986 Volvo 740 turbo?

The stated gas mileage is; 23 mpg on the highway, 19 mpg in the city. The actual gas mileage is dependent upon the driver and the driving conditions

What is the average age of a NASCAR driver?

The average age of a NASCAR driver these days is between 25-40.

Average height of a race care driver?

The average height of an American race car driver is five foot eleven. The average weight of an American race car driver is 159 pounds.

Average F1 driver salary?

The average pay for a rookie is around $500,000 a year. A well paid driver can get upto $40,000,000 a year but the average is $5,000,000.

What is the average weight of a NASCAR driver?

Average is 175 pounds.

How much does an ambulance driver earn?

The average annual income for an ambulance driver in the United States is $26,000. In Chicago, Illinois, the average annual income for an ambulance driver is $31,000.

What is average salary of truck driver in Dubai?

The salary of a truck driver in Dubai would generally depend on the type of truck and the experience of the driver. The average salary would be around Dh3,500.

How much do truck driver earn at swift trucking?

They start at .28 cents per mile for a new driver. How much you make depends on the kind of mileage you make.

How much does gas cost a year?

An average of $2,000 for the average driver.

Where is the seatbelt fuse on a 91 Honda Accord?

I would like to know if anyone know where the seat belt FUSE for a 91 Honda accord is the left side works but the driver side doesnt work can anyone help me? The problem is in the control box that goes underneat each seat, you need to replace it.

How about fuel sonsumption of Toyota Alphard?

The Hybrid is claimed to get 42mpg or 6.7 liters per 100km. Remember the claimed mileage and actual mileage will differ wildly depending on conditions and driver.

What is the average salary for a beer route truck driver?

I don't know what average is, but I'm a beer delivery driver and I make about 40K a year.

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