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Legally in the US he is considered the inventor of the first electronic digital computer. It was not programmable, it was designed specifically to solve linear simultaneous equations of up to 29 variables.

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What invention did a federal court ruling officially credit to Dr. John V Anatasoff in 1973?

John Vincent Atanasoff is known as the Father of the Computer. In the 1994â??s, he and his student Clifford E. Berry, at Iowa State College, created the digital computer. He was challenged in court, but it was ruled that he did create first computer.

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What system of government is largely an American invention?


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Officially called as the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic divided into 36 states. It is the most populous African...

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Mexico is a democracy (officially, a federal presidential representative republic).

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Which group of immigrants was officially not allowed into the US according to a federal exclusion act in the late 1800s?

The Chinese

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Which group od immigrants was officially not allowed into the US according to a federal exclusion act in late 1800s?

The Chinese

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Federal programs allowed people of different backgrounds to work together.

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