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The first thing to check is the rear wiper arm. It needs to be "parked" properly in order for the rear window to work. Shake it up and down a little and then push it up onto its ramp. If it still wont go, remove the trim panel and steel cover. Unplug one of the wire connectors to one of the door latches and jump the harness side. close the gate and see if the window goes up. If it does, replace that latch. If it doesnt, jump the wires on the harness for the other side. one of these 3 things should make the window work.

You also might have an open circuit. Have your tailgate wiring checked or replace the wire harness from the cotrol module to the tailgate.......this should fix your problem...But first, check the tail fuse at junction block #1 ( engine compartment)....

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โˆ™ 2007-11-10 20:39:32
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Q: A 1994 Toyota 4 runner the rear window will not roll up or down you replaced switch up frount replaced everything in the reargate and the box in the side wall do you have any ideas what is wrong?
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