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A best Pokemon team?


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September 12, 2011 7:48AM

A best is,2 Sableyes dream eater,bite,slash and dark void.Darkrai,dark void,nightmare,roar of time and spacial rend.Swampert ice beam,hydro pump,extransory(sorry if i spelled wrongly,I'm a kid) and rage.Heatran sacred fire,iron defense,stealth rock,mach punch.Lastly lugia or lucario.lucario moves fire punch, thunder punch,ice punch and earthquake,lug. moves,aeroblast,psychic,aurora beam,thunder. :-) and a big smile for my advice,thanksBye

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firstly i know sableyes have no weakness but generally they have bad base stats and two of them with the same moves would be bad as when one faints the opponent will counter the same way thus you need to be more diverse

search the web for other forums this team is clearly a preferred team and would be ideal if you want to repeatidly beat the elite four but not for competitive games most of these Pokemon would get crushed easily ie heatran water is one of themost popular and common types and had x4 damge to heatran bad choice especially with no clear water counter and to be honest lucario is cool and everything with a decent moveset but he has awful stats