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If he is flirting with you and you like him too, he might really want to be with u. If hes flirting with another girl he might:

A. Like you

B. Like someone else

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the guy's a loony. and a pedo. he MUST be crazy. and he definitely doesn't have a crush on you

Well if he keeps flirting just go long with it and if you dont see him as more than friend then tell him or her that you just want to be friends well to know if he's flirting with you he would say something like: "wanna hang out later?" or "do you want to sit with me at lunch?" and he might nod at you if he's staring hes liking

just totally ignore him if u tell him to stop or show it bothers u he will keep on doing it :)

If your crush keeps hitting on you, flirting, or staring, DEFINITLY staring, that may be a few sign's that they like you. Also talking to you, being around you/gravitating towards you and joining into conversations that they weren't a part of-- that you started.

i think you should just wait and see wat he does and if he is a real man he will tell you he likes you or tell you to stop pretending you aren't looking @ him and tell him you like him

Smiling is almost certainly a sign that she likes you.

No. It's normal for a girl to be mad at a overly-flirtatious boy. Some guys are naturally flirtatious, just like how he says he is. You've told him several times to stop flirting, have you not? If he keeps on flirting, you might have to break up with him. Warn him first, tell him that you'll break up with him he keeps flirting. If he truly loved you, he'd at least try to stop flirting. If he still flirts, end the relationship. With a relationship comes compromise and change; if he won't change for you, then you don't have to deal with him.

She keeps staring at me.He stands in the window, staring at the cake with drool dribbling down his chin.

Not in and of itself, but it may be flirting in your case.

When a girl makes eye contact and smiles and then looks down and keeps smiling, it may mean that she likes you, but is a little shy. She may also look down because she doesn't want you to think she was staring at you.

The guy most likely admires you and is trying to show it by smiling your way.

Well, it depends. If she tries to make a move and your not interested just be honest and tell her you don't feel the same. But if that doesn't happen and she just keeps flirting then just find the right time to tell the truth.

If a guy keeps staring at you then maybe he's just spacing. If he does this continually everyday then he probably likes you. The best way to find out is to go ask him.

they are very happen about something

She keeps looking at you or flirts with you. Or talks to you ALOT.

If a boy smiles at you it means he probably likes you. If he acts like he doesn't like you, he actually does. Trust me, it happened to me today, a boy that I LIKE kept on staring at me at lunch today and acted like he wasn't, (So trust me.)

The person laughs at your jokes and keeps staring at you.

he keeps staring at you that's how you know:P

If a girl stares at you and looks down and keeps smiling she may be attracted to you, or may think you look funny. It is hard to say for sure without hearing her side of it.