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Caution, it is a vehicle that must go slow for some reason.

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Can you drive car with flashing check engine light?

It is not recommended. A flashing flashing check engine light is an indicator of a catalytic converter damaging misfire.

What is someone's job if they have a green flashing light on the top of their car?

If they have a green flashing light on top of their car, then they are a Doctor, and have as much priority as a regular emergency vehicle.

Alarm fob not unlocking your car?

the flashing security light in the dash is not flashing and vehicle will not start

Why is ac light flashing on 2004 Lexus es330?

You need to have a mechanic service your car. The flashing light means the compressor is not engaging.

Security light keep flashing car want start?

security light keep flashing put new starter on still will not crank

Why Lincoln Town Car temp light flashing?

Because your car is getting hot!

Why would the blue temperature light in a '99 VW Beetle start flashing but stop after turning the car off for a minute and turning it back on?

Could be that the coolant level is a bit low and the flashing light is telling you this. The level will drop when the fluid is running thru the motor. When you turn the car off the level rises back to nominal level. Dan

Why is the oil light and water light flashing on your car?

It means, that you have to refill oil and cooling water.

Where do you find the car keys in zomberry island?

The car keys are right under the car with the flashing red light

What is the Lexus warning light with a car going downhill mean if it stays flashing?

if it is a flashing check engine it means your car has a critical fault and will probably die very soon

How do you stop temperature gauge flashing red on your car even after you have topped up coolant reservoir?

Switch the ignition off and start the car again.The light will then stop flashing.

Why is Engine light flashing vw golf 1999?

when a check engine light is flashing on any car means that there is a very strong miss fire that could damage the cat.

Why is the green POWER light flashing when you start your 1994 Subaru Impreza it also starts flashing when driving and then the car stalls out what is this light for exactly?

Have a similar problem with my forester 1999.

Do F1 cars have a back stop light?

Nope. The light at the back of an F1 car is used (flashing) during a designated wet race. I think it also flashes when the pitlane speedlimiter is on and it flashes more rapidly as speed increases.

Why is the check engine flashing on a 1998 explorer?

the check engine light flashing on any car means that there is a very strong miss fire that could damage the catalytic converter.the check engine light flashing on any car means that there is a very strong miss fire that could damage the catalytic converter.

How do you reset flashing airbag light on a infinity G20?

drive the car into a brick wall

Is the Anti theft light in your Toyota Camry suppose to be flashing when the car is turned off?


What does the engine light flashing means on a 2005 Volkswagen passat?

Flashing means that the car is misfiring. Driving it like that could damage the catalytic converter.

What could be the problem on a 2002 Crown Victoria with engine light flashing and staying on Also the car is vibrating a lot.?

When the check engine light is flashing , it means that an ignition misfire has been detected

How do you bypass the ignition security switch in a 2002 Oldsmobile alero?

Yes to bypass,Press on the brake, turn car to as then on let the carburetor fill then, put the car in neutral,then start. If the security light is flashing, the car will not start for 10 minutes. Do not try to start while light is flashing.

Flashing vsc light on toyota corolla came on along with check engine light?

If the VSC flashing light comes on at the same time on your Toyota Corolla, then there might be a sensor issue, and if you have a warranty, have it back to the manufacturer.

1996 Olds Cierra check engin light flashing and car shaking?

same problem.

What are the dashboard warning lights for 2007 Toyota Avalon?

red flashing light that is car symbol what is it for

What does the flashing red light on your air hog hyperactive race car mean?

It means its charging

Why is your battery light flashing on your club car golf cart?

It means you need to charge the battery.

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