A clever way to be a free member on runescape?

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May 28, 2009 12:58AM

One thing I know is that you should never let someone else do it for you. Or you might get hacked! I never have figured out how to get a free membership. But I have good hints, and tricks! The first thing that I'm going to tell you about is a trick for staying wealthy even after a moderator destroys you. First you need to put 75% of your gold in the bank. If you have 75% of your gold in the bank, you now will keep all the gold in your bank. Sadly you still will lose the other 25% of your gold that's not in your bank. I'm now going to tell you a hint to your account not getting hacked! So listen carefully. If someone says they can get your level to 99 and that person says they are a member of Jagex, then there should be a star next to their name. If there isn't beware and click on the "Report abuse" and type in their player name and click on "Don't ignore"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok if you follow those tips your account will never get hacked, unless you cussed or something! If you want a good trainer or want more info add "kluy8" to your friends list. (That's me). So if your new to this (a noob) you should definitely add me to your friends list. If you ever need me send me a message on Runescape. I usually am on except when I am typing. I have a good amount of money for everyone. Follow me to find untold riches and take my money. If you are a noob I can purchase armor I also can give you useful info. Ok back to business. If you get hacked you should ask a professional to help you. I don't mean do it illegally. I mean do what you have to do, but do it legally! I have more info. Just listen a while. Here is my additional info. If you are broke and need money for a shield or something like that. Just ask for money! Don't try to earn It just ask. It really works. Try it yourself. Its how I got all my money. If you read this far your probably bored but keep reading this is important! If you hack the website for a free membership you will get caught and get into legal trouble! That's why this article kind of gets off topic a little. If you want to level up fast you have to go to the duel arena located on the fainted route inside the toll gate. I'm usually located there. If not I'm at the "Grand Exchange". If you need any further information send me a message on Runescape. Yours truly, Nick Price/"kluy8"