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Q: A concept map to show how organisms are placed into domains and kingdoms?
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How organisms are placed in domains and kingdoms?

Organisms are placed in domains and kingdoms based on:their cell typetheir ability to make foodthe number of cells in their bodies

How are organism placed into domains an kingdoms?

Organisms are placed into domains and kingdoms based on their cell type ,their ability to make food ,and the number of cells in their bodies

Why is bacteria and archaea placed in separate kingdoms?

They are placed in separate Domains on basis of presence and absence of peptidoglycan .

Why are monerans placed in a unique kingdom?

The kingdoms Eubacteria and Archaebacteria (aka domains Bacteria and Archaea) contain prokaryotic organisms, or organisms without a true nucleus. The kingdom Monera was used to include all the organisms of both kingdoms but was split once taxonomists realized that archaebacteria are more closely related to eukaryotes than eubacteria.

In the first scientific classification of organisms all living things were placed into one of two kingdoms. What were these first two kingdoms?

The original first two kingdoms were animals and plants.

What kingdoms are organisms that do not fit into any other kingdom placed in?

I'm pretty sure that its Kingdom Protista

The discovery of what made it clear that Linneaus's two kingdoms could not be used to classify all organisms?

The two kingdom model placed everything in either animal of plant kingdoms. The discovery of fungi challenged this, as they had features of both kingdoms.

Why would scientists need to add new domains or kingdoms to the classification system?

Modern taxonomists have added new kingdoms because recent molecular studies using DNA and protein analysis has enabled biologists to better understand evolutionary relationships. Therefore, they now recognize that bacteria must be placed into two separate kingdoms- Archaebacteria and Eubacteria

Organisms are placed into a kingdom based on what four characteristics?

I think that the seperation of organisms in the kingdoms are sorted by there characteristics like how many cells it has or the ability to make their own food or what kind of cell type it is

What are three domains into which organisms are classified?

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How are organism grouped into five kingdoms?

They are placed in kingdoms AND domains based on their cell type, if they have the ability to make food, and the number of cells in their body.

What organisms were later placed in the kingdom protista?

The rotozoa, slime molds, and algae are the organisms that were later placed in the Kingdom