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a contest betwwen two people is called a match


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Men's 24 teams contest,Women's 24 teams contest .

Competition between teams from different schools is called intermural sports and competition between teams from the same school is called intramural sports.

The full phrase is "test match" in sports this refers to a contest between national representative teams.

Yes, it is. Volleyball is often a contest between countries rather than teams within the country.

Besides the teams that are in them none. Many people say the AFC has better teams.

They are simply called search and rescue teams. There is no special designation for such people, and teams may be made up of police, paramedics, firefighters, and even just good samaritans.

Clearly, just two teams close to each other geographically. A meeting between the two of these teams is called a derby.

swimming competition is when people swim in a contest like event, where they swim against the other members of other swim teams and they do different events and one is called a relay and the score the relay to see who wins.

A sport is classified as intramural contest when it is set up to take place between a set of teams that are located within a specific geographical area.

because of the first people who named them that was their teams name

The teams invented by Dr James Naismith were also called teams

existing, occurring, or carried on between nations. a game or contest between teams representing different countries in a sport. any of four associations founded (1864-1936) to promote socialist or communist action.

A group of sports teams is called a league.

The oxen teams were called tandems.

If a final is between 2 teams, a semifinal must be between 4 teams.

Many sports have teams of either number, but one with both would be rowing. It also commonly has crews of 8 people participating.

Yes, the noun 'battle' is a commonnoun, a general word for a fight between two armies in war; a fight between two people or groups of people; a competition between people or teams.

Chicago has two teams, the Cubs and White Sox. -----Philadelphia had 2 teams between 1901-1954. Boston had 2 teams between 1901-1953. St. Louis had two teams between 1902-1953.

polices, swat teams, chp units obviously

matchnoun1. a contest in which people or teams compete against each other in a particular sport.2. a person or thing able to contend with another as an equal in quality or strength.

the question is somewhat vague (teams are eliminated during the contest, it would seem, and what year are you talking about?), but it would seem that eight teams begin the series.

If you live in Virginia then you have heard the term "Hokie" before. Many sports teams have a cheer called the "Old Hokie" cheer, hence why people use the word "Hokie".

Ice hockey and curling are played on ice between two teams.

Yes, the noun 'battles' (the plural form of the singular noun 'battle') is a common noun, a general word for a fights between two armies in war; fights between two people or groups of people; competitions between people or teams.

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