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You are 36 feet down. One fathom is six feet.

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Q: A fathom is measuring depth of water If you are 6 fathoms deep how far down are you in the water?
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What is measured in fathoms?

The depth of water. One fathom = six feet.

What is a fathom?

A fathom is a unit of imperial length which is used to measure the depth of water. I fathom is equivalent to 6feet or 1.83metres e.g. 3 fathoms = 18ft or 5.49m

Fathom is the unit used for measuring?

Fathom is the unit for measuring height of a mountain depth of water hardness of a substance velocity of an object none above

A fathom is a unit of measurment of?

that's whats is mum is called A fathom is 6 feet and is generally used as a measurment of water depth.

Is the word fathom used to measure weight?

No. The "fathom" is a unit used in measuring water depth, and is equal to 6 feet (1.83 m). The author Samuel Clemens used the pseudonym "Mark Twain" because it meant two fathoms, or twelve feet, which was sufficient draft depth required for steamboats on the Mississippi River.The verb fathom (comprehend) derives from this measuring unit and the measuring process. It applies to determining and understanding the cause for an effect. It is often used in the negative, e.g. He could not fathom why the council would deny his request.

What might William Shakespeare have meant by full fathom five?

A fathom is a measure of depth, used to measure the depth of water. It is equal to six feet. The father lies fully five fathoms deep, at least thirty feet deep.

How many feet in 180 fathoms?

A fathom is a unit of length in the Imperial system used mostly for measuring the depth of water. There are 2 yards, equivalent to 6 feet in a fathom.

What is the depth of water that is equal to 72 feet?

Twelve fathoms

What does fathom mean in the statement like he could not fathom her reason for leaving?

It means he could not understand or comprehend the reasons. The verb "fathom" (to penetrate to the meaning or nature) derives from the process of measuring water depth, the unit "fathom" being equal to 6 feet.

What is the name for the scale of measurement of depth of water?


What is the depth of water that is 72 feet?

Twelve fathoms

A fathom is a unit of measurement for what?

For the depth of water.