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A Wall/Back Plate Elbow is used to secure a bib tap (tap installed above a cleaners sink) over Belfast sinks or other outdoor/cleaning type sinks.

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What you are looking for is called a surface mounted letterbox, they can be fitted on any wall or partition and give a stylish and functional look. You also have the option of fitting them horizontal or vertically.

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To remove civic weatherstripping you will need some type of cleaner to prepare the weather strip surface. This can be acetone, brake cleaner or denatured alcohol. Be sure not to spill any of these cleaners on any part of your vehicle as they may peel paint or stain other surfaces. Wipe the back of the loose part of the weather stripping surface with one of the cleaning agents listed above and allow to dry. Then liberally apply the weatherstrip adhesive to the surface that you just cleaned. Allow the adhesive to dry for about ten minutes, or until no longer tacky. Now apply more weatherstrip adhesive to both the channel where the weatherstripping will be attached to the vehicle and go over the area again that you just let dry and then secure the weatherstripping immediately to the vehicle surface. You can either hold the weatherstripping together with your hands or use some tape to secure the weatherstripping to the vehicle while the weatherstrip adhesive dries.

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Facing the front of your car! Look for a hose at the top of your radiator. Follow the hose to where it is clamped on too a fitting on you engine. Loosen the clamp. pull back the hose, you will find 2 bolts on the fitting going to the engine. Remove the bolts, the fitting should come right off. If not! LIGHTLY tap the fitting then remove it. The themostat will be sitting right there! Take it out, make sure you romove any of the old gasket from the fitting and block. Put a light film of perm a gasket or anu type of gasket sealer on the fitting and on the block. Set the new thermostat in the hole, tighten down the fitting (do not over tighten) attach and clamp the hose back on, add fluid. After you car warms up, then check to make sure the nuts or bolts ar secure! You should be on your way! This should take no more then about 15 minutes.

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Does the heating core in a 1996 Corsica have secure fittings or clamps on the hoses?

it is possible they are just formed plastic tubes molded on to the heater core then run out on bottom side of firewall in the middle. there should be hose clamps on at this fitting end. wolverine

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