A girl likes me and shes ugly but nice and if I go out with her all the guys will get on me but I kinda like her what do I do?

Grow up!! First, ask yourself if you like her. Personality is so much more important than looks; 'looks' can be lost in a car accident. Beautiful people, men and women don't have to work on their 'people skills', so many times they can be self-centered, or they only want to be seen with other beautiful people. What matters, at the end of everything, is how you will enjoy each other's personality. How are your "looks"? You don't know whether or not she thinks you're 'ugly', but likes your personality. Ugly girls do mature into beautiful, fasinating women. Don't let 'all of the guys' make your choices for you. You don't know how many of 'all of the guys' might secretly want her, too. ;-)