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A group of pythons is called a Pop, or pack of pythons.

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When ball pythons sense they are in danger, they will coil themselves up into a "ball."

The answer is baby pythons.

There are many python species - including... Burmese Pythons, Reticulated Pythons, Royal Pythons, Carpet Pythons, Childrens Pythons, Blood Pythons, & Indian Pythons

pythons , boas , or anacondas

because they constrict their prey.

The spurs on pythons are called Pelvic Spurs. They are attached to what is left of the femur and pelvic girdle in Boas and Pythons. The males use them to tickle the females during courtship.

Australia. They are small pythons related to Children's pythons (named for the man that discovered them, nothing to do with kids), Anthill pythons, Spotted pythons, and others.

A python kills its prey by sqeezing it to death.

No, Pythons are not venomous.

No pythons do not hybernate.

Some species of pythons do, but not all. Some pythons live in the desert. but most pythons live in rainforests.>:

There is no standard collective noun for the noun 'python', however the collective nouns for the noun 'snake' can apply:a bed of pythonsa den of pythonsa knot of pythonsa nest of pythonsa pit of pythonsa slither of pythons

no there not there found in the bush on the ground

pythons sleep at night

Crocodiles prey on pythons.

Crocodiles eat pythons.

Crocodiles prey on pythons.

yes pythons are consumers

African rock pythons are found in africa. Retic pythons and burmese pythons are found in india, southeast asia, southern china, and australia.

Philippine eagles have killed and ate burmese pythons and small reticulated pythons. Harpy eagles prey on tree pythons. Martial eagles hunt for small african rock pythons.

Pythons can lay between 6 and 12 eggs in each clutch.

The Cleveland Reptile Show has blood pythons, such as the ball pythons.

pythons sleep early in the morning.

ball pythons are nocturnal

Pythons are vertibrate animals and have a backbone.

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