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What agency regulates business competition?


What government agency regulates small business loans?

The government agency that regulates small business loans is the United States Small Business Association. There is a large network in place to assist in all areas of small business.

What term is used to define an agency that regulates business?

Commission is used to define an agency that regulates business. The Federal Trade Commission is the governmental agency which regulates business. The Federal Trade Commission was established in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson. It was established for consumer protection and the elimination and prevention of anticompetitive business practices. The FTC is still in operation today and protects consumers against unfair or deceptive acts or practices in commerce.

An agency that regulates business?

There are many government agencies that regulate business, such as OSHA. Businesses must comply with their rules and regulations or get fined.

What is the branch of government that regulates business monopolies?

usually there is an Office of Fairtrading

What agency regulates business tax?

Business tax is regulated by the state. For example, if your company is in Detroit, your taxes will be dealt by Michigan state. Business tax cannot be avoided if your company is located in the USA.

A government agency is subject to Capture when?

The industry an agency regulates controls the agency that is supposed to regulate it.

Which agency regulates Variable Annuities?


What federal agency regulates an IRA?


Is a sole proprietorship expensive?

Expensive is in the eye of the beholder. You will have to check with your state's agency that regulates and issues business licenses in order to learn that information.

What government agency regulates telephone services?

The Federal Communications Commission regulates telephone services.

Which government agency regulates drinking water?

the EPA

What federal agency regulates food labels?


What government agency regulates the airwaves in the US?


What agency regulates the controlled substances act?


Which agency regulates and manages waste disposal?


A government agency that is called a captured agency is accused of what?

the government agency is accused of unfairly favoring the private interests that it regulates.

What government agency regulates all radio and TV stations?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ... an agency under the Dept. of Commerce ... regulates all radio and TV in the USA.

What is the agency that regulates the video poker machines?

The agency that regulates the video poker machines in Ontario, Canada is called "OLG". This acronym references the "Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation".

What agency regulates all satellite systems?

The Federal Communications Commission regulates all US satellite systems.

What government agency regulates spam?

The Federal Trade Commission

What agency monitors and regulates unfair labor practices?


What government agency regulates complaints about Phone company's?


What federal agency regulates PACs?

Federal Elections Commission

Which government agency regulates stock and bond markets?