A man falls out of a building and lands in soda what happens?

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Nothing! It's a soft drink!
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What is no mans land?

In world war one it was the area between the trenches of the the opposing forces. It was a place you didn't want to be because you were a sitting target.

What Is 'No Mans Land'?

No man's land is a term for land that is not occupied or is under dispute between parties that will not occupy it because of fear or uncertainty. The term was originally used to define a contested territory or a dumping ground for refuse between fiefdoms. It is most commonly associated with the Firs ( Full Answer )

What will happen if you freeze a soda?

Because it is water based, the contents will expand and split or crack the container. It can explode and make a mess of your freezer or car interior if that's where you leave it.

What is the longest freefall ever survived by a human with out a protective device aka fall from a 50 sotry building and land of concrete.?

Name: Vesna Vulovic Place: Serbska Kamenice, Czechoslovakia Date: January 26, 1972 Length of fall: 33,300 Feet More: When a Yugoslav DC9 exploded in mid air, as a suspected result of a terrorist bombing, Vesna Vulovic plummeted over 33,000 feet to land on a snowy slope. Vesna Vulovic was paralyzed f ( Full Answer )

What happened im no-mans land-World War I?

World War 1 involved "trench warfare". Opposing sides dug long trenches from which they fired ordinances and formed their attacks. The space or land between the opposing sides was called "no man's land" because is was full of barbed wire, mines, and was open to opposing gunfire with no protection. T ( Full Answer )

What happens when you put Mentos in soda?

When you drop Mentos into Diet Coke, the bottle will become a geyser, shooting soda up to 20 feet high. This happens because the Mentos' surface catches the small carbon dioxide bubbles and connects them into much larger ones. When the bubbles break off the candy's surface, they burst and cause the ( Full Answer )

What happens if you eat baking soda?

It depends on how you eat it. If you eat pure baking soda, you will be very unhappy--it tastesreally bad--but it won't hurt you because you couldn't eat enoughof it to throw your body's pH off. It will react with yourstomach's acid to neutralize it, which is why people take it forindigestion. If you ( Full Answer )

What happens when baking soda and vinegar?

it makes a chemical reaction and fizz starts to grow. Vinegar is acetic acid, Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. When these two are mixed, an acid-base neutralization reaction takes place with the evolution of Carbon dioxide gas (as bubbles). CH 3 COOH + NaHCO 3 -----> CH 3 COONa + H 2 O + CO 2

What happens to a frozen soda can?

when in freezer for a long period of time it usually busts openbecause ice is less dense than water, i.e. occupies more volumethan liquid water. Since soda is mostly water, it expands whenfrozen.

How does a man jump from a twenty six story building and not be hurt when he lands?

he lands in a bunch of pillows on a pillow truck.. or he has a parachute.. or he uses a flexible board to swoop down.. or he is a part of the x-men.. or he doesn't.. ______________________. he jumps from the ground floor . he jumps straight up and lands on the same building. he jumps across ( Full Answer )

What happens if you drink to much soda?

These are the possibilities: You'll have UTI or Urinary Tract infection Your blood sugar will rise You'll have diabetes You'll have hypertension

What happens if you fall off a building?

You'll die from hitting your head on the ground or hurting anything else on your body. Either you die or you'll end up getting paralyzed. But me, personally, would not jump off a building for some stupid reason. Dying depends on how far you fall to the ground, what you fall into, how you land, etc. ( Full Answer )

What happens if you fall from a 50-foot building?

My 21 yr old son took a 50ft fall in 2009 he landed on his feet onconcrete and crushed all his bones from his heel to the L4 L5 in isback including the pelvic in 5 places and when the bones gave wayhe fell forward on his forhead and had brain bleed for over 2weeks, we and the drs didnt think he woul ( Full Answer )

What happens when you boil soda?

All of the gases preserved in the soda escape and what's left is the syrup, coloring, and flavoring, making a sticky, gooey substance.

What land is given to build a church on in the story things fall apart?

Land in the evil forest is given to the men of the church, so that the 'spirits' may drive them out. This idea does not work and instead the church flourishes in the evil forest, the churchmen even rescuing abandoned twins when they are dumped in the forest by the native tribe.

What happens when a Scorpio Man falls in love?

They experience "mixed" emotions. Their protective instinct kicks in and they need to control their jealousy to avoid losing whoever they're in love with.

What happen when man landed on the moon?

Much of the world stood silent for a minute glued to their telivision sets and enjoyed history taking place in front of their eyes.

What is the fall of man?

The fall of men was sinning from God and eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

What happens if you boil soda?

All of the gases preserved in the soda escape and what's left is the syrup, coloring, and flavoring, making a sticky, gooey substance.

What happens when you open a soda?

The carbon dioxide in the soda starts to escape. Water can hold only small amounts of carbon dioxide, carbonating a drink is forcing about 10,000 times the norm into the drink so when it is exposed to a normal pressure environment the carbon dioxide starts escaping.

What happens when you mix soda and vinegar?

If you mix baking soda and vinegar, you get a reaction thatproduces carbon dioxide gas. Vinegar is acetic acid and baking sodais sodium bicarbonate in chemistry.

What happens when you freeze soda in a bottle?

You have asked a questio which foreign scientists have pondered for decades and probably will continue to decade. Many theories are known but probably the most outragous comes from Mexico. They believe the devil or el diablo comes and first ***** their wife than as he leaves sees the coke frozen s ( Full Answer )

What happens when you put Mentos in a can of soda?

there is a large amount of fruit acid in mentos , so when you react it with another acid they will combine and cause a reaction: if you put a mentos in a can of soda it will erupt, explode, ect. like an explosive volcano due to the fact of the acid. Above answer is completely wrong, there are tiny ( Full Answer )

What happens when you put mintos in soda?

What happens is that the soda explodes and the hole place is covered in soda. this creates a chemical reaction or somthing...idk, try it ^.^

What happens if soda in car engine?

How much and where was it put? In the oil, change it. In the carb, don't worry about it. It will pass through the engine, be burned in the cylinders and be gone.

What happen to private parts of man when he body build?

As long as he doesn't juice (take steroids) or overexert himself causing a hernia, nothing bad should happen. The work out should cause better blood flow likely improving reproductive health.

What happens at the end of Resistance fall of man?

In the last battle you finaly see Nathan Hale's face in a cutscene and a monster called an 'Angel' a high up Chimera that infects you... you end up killing the Angel and you start walking off into the distance. At the start of Resistance 2 you pick up exactly where you left off with you walking in t ( Full Answer )

How do you build 12 pack soda displays?

on a 4 by 4 pallet stack one side of core brand 4 faceings on the next three face dt. 12pks do the same all around make sure its ribbon as the front of display!!!

Why do buildings fall?

they fall down if the materials are not strong enough or is the location is not safe

What happens when you fall n love with a married man?

If you allow yourself to fall in love with a married man, be prepared to be second to his wife and kids if he has any, spend most of your nights alone unless he can get away, spend Christmas and other holidays alone, feel guilty about what you are doing etc... Unless..., he leaves his wife and kids ( Full Answer )

What happened to the land after the Fall of Rome?

The land that formerly made up the Roman Empire became divided among many different powers. The eastern half of the empire stayed united, and followed its own course for centuries to come with its capital in Constantinople. Other parts of the empire, freed from Roman rule, became independent kingdom ( Full Answer )

What happens when you mix soda with sugar?

The soda will just get more sugary. Most (non-diet) sodas already contain a lot of sugar so it will increase the calorie count and the drink would taste sweeter.

Why do buildings fall when a earthquake happens?

Because a building is built on the ground which supports it. The moving ground makes it topple down. Building are usually not made to move - they are made to stay. Nails and screws and things used in construction are built to stay in one place, but rapid and sudden movement that occurs in earthquake ( Full Answer )