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Q: A mineral that contains calcium carbonate would provide a positive response to a test for what?
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A mineral that contains calcium carbonate will provide a positive response to a test for .?

acid reaction

A mineral that contains calcium carbonate will provide a positive response to a test for?

acid reaction

Does carbonate have calcium carbonate in it?

No. The carbonate ion contains only carbon and oxygen. Since it is a negative ion, it must combine with some positive ion. If that positive ion is calcium, you get calcium carbonate.

What is calcium carbonate made up of?

It is made up of carbon, oxygen and calcium. A carbonate contains oxygen and carbon so you know that, and then you can see that as it is called calcium carbonate it also contains calcium. :)

Which type of acid has calcium carbonate?

No acid contains calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is its own compound that is a base, not an acid. However, the erosion and deposition of calcium carbonate in nature is heavily influenced by carbonic acid.

How many elements are there in the compound calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate contains 3 elements, calcium, carbon, and oxygen. The formula is CaCO3.

How many oxygen atoms does calcium carbonate have?

1 molecule of Calcium Carbonate -CaCO3, contains 3 oxygen atoms.

How do you test how much calcium carbonate limestone contains?

Determining the calcium concentration in the limestone.

What does chalk contains?

Chalk is mainly made of Calcium Carbonate.

Is calcium carbonate a compound or a mixture?

Calcium Carbonate is a compound as it contains 3 different elements (calcium, carbon and oxygen) that are chemically combined.

Why is calcium carbonate so useful?

Because Calcium carbonate Contains a very powerful substance that can light up a whole city for 100 years.

Its a mineral that contains Calcium carbonate and breaks into rhombs?

The mineral calcite.