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Gotha bomber ((an alternate answer that has a phonetic "g" sound)) Curtis Jenny

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Q: A name of World War 1 aircraft that begins with a q?
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Could you name 1 famous british World War 2 aircraft?

the aircraft

What did the letter p stand for in the name of World War 2 aircraft?

The letter P in the designation of aircraft during the World War II period (e.g. P-36 Hawk) represented Pursuit.

Were there any planes in World War I?

Yes, there were also World War 1 military aircraft as well. World War 1 was the first war that aircraft had ever entered.

How was aircraft of The Golden Age of Aviation different from aircraft of World War 1?

world war one aircraft were simply built to carry out their missions while aircraft of the golden age were built for comfort.

What was the most important weapons of World War 2?

Aircraft carriers (aircraft).

Is the warbird a name of a famous animal?

A warbird is generally referred to World War II era aircraft.

What is aircraft at World War 2?


When was the aircraft used for war?

World War 1,World war 2,Gulf War,Cold war,falklands war

What aircraft technology was developed during world war 2?

Airborne radar, jet aircraft and rocket aircraft.

What the jet aircraft used in World War 1?

No jet aircraft were used in WW1.

What was there in a World War 2 aircraft hangar?

Aircraft and possibly some tools to repair them.

Is there a word from world war 2 that starts with a?

aircraft carrier, airplane, someone name more im stuck

When did first world war begins?

The first world war began in 1914

Who had the best aircraft in World War 1?


Was platinum used on world war 2 aircraft?

No, it was not.

Name of World War 2 airplane engine that begins with A?

Allison. As used in the P38 Lightning for example.

What car rental company did founder Jack Taylor name for the aircraft carrier on which he served in World War 2?


What was the name of the plane that carried the first atomic bomb in the world war 2?

Enola Gay, a B-29 aircraft

What type of machines did they use in World War I?

World War 1 saw the introduction of the tank and of aircraft.

What were the most useful aircraft in World War 2?


What was the aircraft used for World War 1?

Originally reconnaissance.

What was the best aircraft in world war 1?

Spad 13

What is a man made hurricane?

It was a World War 2 aircraft.

Name the 2 wartime aircraft in world war 2?

Spitfire Lancaster i told u the answer so dont ask again

How did aircraft carrier make world war 2 destructive?

The aircraft carrier was a major support in world war 2. Take the battle of Midway for example, almost the WHOLE battle was the carriers launching their aircraft at one another. also, Aircraft carriers made the bombing of japan possible in the middle of the war. (Doolittle raid). They were pretty much the key to winning the war.