A person who looks after a furnace?

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HVAC Service Technician
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What is a furnace?

Furnace is an enclosed fire place show me parts of a coal fired furnace

Looks or personality?

BOTH! Actually I Kinda disagree~ Personality comes first but looks is what makes you approch the person in the first place.

Who was the fourth person in the fiery furnace along with Daniel's friends?

The fourth person in the fiery furnace along with Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego was an angel sent from God to save Daniel's friends from a fiery death. King Nebuchadnezzer e
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What features should one look for when purchasing a gas wall furnace?

When purchasing a gas wall furnace you should look for a variety of different features. These include a insulated blower compartment to reduce noise, heat exchangers that resi
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What should be taken into consideration when looking to buy a new furnace?

When looking to buy a new furnace, take into consideration the design and complication of the product as if it seems to be too complex then this could result in an accident wh
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What does a furnace do?

An industrial furnace or direct fired heater, is an equipment usedto provide heat for a process or can serve as reactor whichprovides heats of reaction. Furnace designs vary a