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diaphragm with annular stop and phase plate in the objective lens

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What is a light microscope having two lenses called?

a compound microscope

An isotope differs from regular atoms of an element by having a different number of?


What is the function of inclination joint of the microscope?

The inclination joint of the microscope facilitate the draw tube having objective and eye pieces to adjust according to the angle of the viewer of the microscope.

Function of inclination joint in microscope?

The inclination joint of the microscopefacilitate the draw tube having objective and eye pieces

What is an advantage of using a compound light microscope over a single lens microscope?

A compound light microscope is able to provide more clarity and detail than a single lens microscope, which is its advantage. Compound refers to the microscope having more than one lens.

What does Confocal mean exactly in confocal microscope?

having same focus

What is the function of condenser in a microscope?

Keep the lens from having condensation form on it.

What is a type of microscope called when it has more then one lens?

binoculars Binocular refers to having two ocular lens tubes. Compound microscope is any microscope with more than one lens.

Euglena differs from most green algae in having what?

an euglena has a flagellum and a green algae is green

What is parfocal microscope?

Parfocal microscopes are made so you don't have to refocus when you change between magnifications. Having a parfocal microscope is convenient and is easier on the eyes.

Microscope having more than one lens?

Hooke Diaphram Diaphram

What does the divergence mean?

Something that differs or deviates - as in individuals having different and wide opinions on the same subject

Why is it difficult to view an oak leaf under a microscope?

An optical microscope focuses best on an object having a smooth flat surface. An oak leaf is difficult to focus on when viewed under a microscope because it has an irregular surface.

If your having twins when do you start to show a baby bump?

Whether you are having twins or not makes no difference. It differs from woman to woman since we all have different body types.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of monocular microscopes?

The advantages of a monocular microscope is that it is easier to use than a stereo microscope, a disadvantage of the monocular microscope is that it only has a singular eyepiece, therefore, it is harder to see the image. The advantages of a stereo microscope is having two eyepieces, it is easier to focus the eye, and therefore, you can see a more three-dimensional image. A disadvantage for the stereo microscope is that it is a lot more expensive than the monocular microscope.

How was the first compound microscope different than Anton van leeuwenhoek microscope?

The first compound microscope is diffrent by having more lenses than Antoy Van Leeuwenhoeks.....Antony Van Leewenuhoeks micorscope only has one sigle lens....

What problems did scientists have before the invention of the microscope?

Before the invention of the microscope, nobody knew that the microscopic world existed. As a result nobody knew what they were missing out on, and so there were no known difficulties to not having microscopes.

What type of microscope did Leeuwenhoek create with one lens?

The simple microscope, defined as having one lens, was enhanced by Leeuwenhoek. Many of the compound (multiple lensed) microscopes were blurry, but Leeuwenhoek ground his own lenses.

Which concern is the LEAST important when using a compound light microscope to view a sample of paramecia?

having sufficient magnification available.

What happens if the mirror in a microscope reflects direct sunlight to the stage aperture?

It's like you're having a direct light in your eyes...

Why is it desirable for microscope lenses to be parfocal and parcentric?

Microscope lenses that are parfocal and parcentric allows the user to changed between lenses will keeping the speicemen focused and centered, instead of having to adjust the x, y or z plane (i.e. focus and the stage).

What is the most recently invented microscope?

Well this is a hard question I have to answer this same question right now for science and I am having trouble finding the answer. Good luck with the answer

What is aminothiols?

Aminothiols is a type of organic compound that is close in composition to alcohol. However, this compound differs from it due to containing an atom of sulfur instead of oxygen, along with having an attached amino group.

Is salt and water a liquid?

When a soluble salt is mixed in water, we call it a solution. This differs from a pure liquid because normally we would like to describe a salt solution as having some kind of concentration.

Is there a way a 17 year old pregnant girl can get married with out the consent of a parent?

If you seek emancipation but then you have to fill the criteria with having a place to live, paying your living expenses etc. It differs what state you live in.