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There is a link below to a Bayeaux Tapestry picture of Harold Godwinson being crowned.

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Q: A picture of king Harold godwinson being crowned king of England?
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Related questions

What was Williams reaction when Harold Godwinson was crowned king of England in 1066?

he went to war

What did the Saxons think when Harold godwinson was crowned?

harold godwinson was in the saxon group

Who was king after Harold Godwinson?

he was crowned king of englandWilliam from Normandy was king after Harold

Why shouldn't Harold Godwinson have been crowned king of England in 1066?

because he lied and he was a thief

Who crowned Harold godwinson king?

Harold Godwinson was crowned unlawfully by a man called Stigand, who the Pope of that time had ordered should no longer be a priest.

Who was Harold godwinson crowned by?


When was Harold godwinson crowned king?

Harold Godwinson was crowned king of England on January 6th 1066 when Edward the Confessor the king of England had died. Edward the Confessor had fallen into a coma sometime in December and people were worried that he would never wake up(he had not stated his heir yet). Luckily, he briefly woke up to try to get the royals to vote for Harold Godwinson. (they were debating over who should be king next) And... yeah.

Who was the first king to be crowned at Westminster Abbey?

Harold Godwinson

Which country is Harold godwinson from?

Harold Godwinson is from the country of England from Wessex.

When was Harold Godwinson crowned?

January 6, 1066

What happened in January 1066?

On January 5th, 1066, Edward the Confessor, King of England, died. Harold Godwinson was crowned King Harold II the next day

Who was in charge of England before William the Conqueror?

Edward the Confessor, then Harold Godwinson. Edward the Ætheling was proclaimed king, but never crowned.

How old was Harold godwinson in 1066?

Harold Godwinson was 43 years of age in the year of 1066. Harold Godwinson was a king of England.

Who was Harold Godwinson-?

Harold Godwinson was the last Anglo Saxon King of England.

Who was crowned king in January 1066?

Harold Godwinson was crowned king on January 6, 1066.

Who was crowned king before Harold Godwinson?

edward the confesser

What other names was Harold godwinson known by?

Harold Godwinson was also King Harold II of England

Who ruled after Harold Godwinson?

He was succeeded by Edgar II however he was not crowned, William I was the next crowned ruler.

When and where was Harold Godwinson crowned king?

he was crowned in the 6th of January 1066 the day Edward the confessor died

Did William of Normandy get the throne?

William of Normandy defeated Harold Godwinson in the battle of hastings and was crowned by the pope, King of England on Christmas day, 1066.

Why was Harold godwinson crowned king of England?

because king edward was married to his sister and Harold was quite an important man already Also because the King Eward promised Harold Godwinsin the thrown

How long did Harold Godwinson rule England?

Harold Godwinson (1022-1066) ruled England as Harold II for just 40 weeks in 1066 (January 6 to October 14) before being killed at the Battle of Hastings, which established William I (William the Conqueror) as king in December of that year. Harold's rival for the throne, Edgar the Aetheling, was proclaimed king, but not crowned, in the intervening two months.

What came first Harold Godwinson or Battle of Hastings?

Harold Godwineson was crowned king of england before the battle of hastings william the conqueror wanted the throne so he started the battle

What did Harold hardrada do when Harold godwinson took over the throne?

Hardrada invaded England, but was defeated by Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Where was Harold Godwinson from?

Harold Godwineson was born and raised in England.